Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Watching video: Motley Crue to split, Fleetwood Mac to reunite

Today Show from this morning. News bit on Fleetwood Mac reuniting.

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Anonymous said...

If FM records new music, I would love for Stevie to record the song 'Blue Water.' I think it's one of her best "unrecorded" (demo) songs ever. I think it has the emotional depth of Dreams and Silver Springs. Let's start a campaign for her to pull it out of the vault and record. You can find it on YouTube.

Anonymous said...

Wow... Just looked it up, its amazing! Definately needs to be released...thank you for sharing that :)

Anonymous said...

I'm on board!! I found it last year and play it constantly.

Unknown said...

One of her all time best vocals with Sharon & Lori. I believed they did it in Hawaii around the time Bella Donna was being recorded. I found it about 4 years ago on YouTube. One particular version is stellar. Very clear almost like an outake or castaway. She could have a double album of pure # 1 hits just from all her unreleased finished cuts that didn't make the final albums.

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