Friday, May 23, 2014

Fleetwood Mac for Glasto! "If Michael Eavis provides the wellies I'll be there." Christine McVie

Fleetwood Mac have opened the door to headlining Glastonbury Festival next year.

The Anglo-American supergroup had been rumoured for this summer.

But after nabbing her Lifetime Achievement gong, returning member Christine McVie, 70,  told me: "If Michael Eavis provides the wellies I'll be there."

She added: "We are making new music right now. It's half done, then the world tour starts in September."

James Cabooter's Playlist
Daily Star - May 23, 2014


Anonymous said...

Congrads Christine!! ... Half done new music :D ... can't wait to hear ... Hopefully Stevie will make her way in there! How many Fleetwood Mac hit songs were Stevie & Lindsey songs? and did Stevie & Lindsey before Fleetwood Mac write together?

Anonymous said...

In the US, Christine had 4 top 10 hits, Lindsey had 3, and Stevie had 2. If you are counting top 20 US hits, Christine had 8, Stevie 5, and Lindsey 3. Taken from

According to stories, Stevie and Lindsey were not writing together before or in Fleetwood Mac. The only song they share co-writing credit on is Frozen Love.

Christine and Lindsey share co-writing credit on at least 4 songs so far, and according to recent articles they just co-wrote together at least 3 more songs for the new album.

tim said...

lol Anonymous!! you haven't been doing your homework!!.. Stevie and Lindsey were in a band together called The Fritz and they wrote a lot of songs and did an album together before they joined the mighty Mac you should check it out Its called Buckingham and Nicks not sure if its still in print or not you can look around for it ;-)

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