Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Mick Fleetwood now has his own facebook page!

Mick Fleetwood... The man of many adventures now has his own Facebook page... Officially!  'Like' it because many updates promised to come.

With Christine recently joining the Facebook community... and with Lindsey and Stevie pages well established, all we need to see is one for John!!

Annouced via Fleetwood Mac's official Facebook page


Unknown said...

Love You! You are the best! I could watch you all day on those Drums!

hrhqueencat said...

a huge Hello from Brisbane, Australia, Mick ~ hope to see all 5 of you Down Under before too long :)

Anonymous said...

So very happy that you are here.FB it a great place to see and find things you just never knew about.Hope you make wonderful use of it.Barbara Meyrowitz

Anonymous said...

Hope JT isn't the admin

Shalaina said...

you are by far my favorite drummer! Shalaina

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