Thursday, September 11, 2014

Edge of Everything: The inevitable return of Stevie Nicks

by Michael Martin

The gay icon reveals thoughts on American Horror Story, coming out, addiction, and more
Stevie Nicks has never gone out of fashion, but in the past few years her star has been on the rise: with a Glee episode dedicated to Rumours, a showstopping cameo on American Horror Story: Coven, and a mentor spot on The Voice.
In advance of the October 7 release of 24 Karat Gold, a collection of songs she wrote between 1969 and 1987 and demoed on cassettes that she stored in shoeboxes, she spoke with Michael Martin at her Los Angeles home about her career, love affairs, and why she cherishes her gay fans.

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One interesting note:

"Stevie's gearing up to present a gallery show of her career-documenting Polaroids — some of which form collages inside 24 Karat Gold — in New York City"

Photography by Danny Clinch

Pre-Order Stevie Nicks "24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault" from
Available October 7th.


Anonymous said...

Dave told her she has three more albums worth of material to record. I hope he pushes her to record them all.

EJ said...

Nice to see some new pictures!

The one thing that struck me is her talking about Mabel Normand. I wonder if that will be the next single and what she performs on the morning show coming up. Also, the mention of being pushed for a one woman that in reference to her art show or a solo tour???

MplsMike said...

A full-fledged Stevie solo tour has got to be a long way off; she might be able to squeeze in a dozen shows early next year between the conclusion of the OWTS Tour and the recording of the next Mac album.

@ the first Anonymous comment ... I would be more than okay with her giving all her new material to Fleetwood Mac if that meant we got another record like '24KG.'

Anonymous said...

interesting interview - new details, not the same old story retold. The part of the interview where Stevie said it was an aspirin/water mix she put in her nose that created the hole and not coke was the first I have heard that said.

Anonymous said...

So she basically says Lindsey is unhappy with her for doing solo stuff instead of working on FM album. Not surprised.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly,such new info never heard

Anonymous said...

Please do at least 3 more. Here are some title ideas:
Night Gallery: Songs From the Vault Volume 2
Something Exquisite: Songs fromt he Vault Volume 3
Beautiful Ghost(s) - Songs from the Vault Volume 4
And Castaway(s) - Song from the Vault Volume 5...hey, the more music from Stevie the better!
How about

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