Monday, April 13, 2015

Review: Fleetwood Mac Live in Las Vegas - April 11, 2015

by Josh Bell
Las Vegas Weekly

Fleetwood Mac April 11, MGM Grand Garden Arena

A few songs into Fleetwood Mac’s concert at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday, singer Stevie Nicks noted that it was the 78th show on the band’s current tour with returned singer/keyboardist Christine McVie. Having McVie back after a 16-year hiatus seems to have reinvigorated the group, and they played with the enthusiasm of the first show on the tour, along with the confidence of experienced veterans.

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Anonymous said...

What is that I read .. Stevie was shaky. Seriously maybe this guys ear was shaky.

Anonymous said...

I agree, with the post above, maybe hes a stevie hater because she is still a great singer, songwriter, and above all a very caring person!

Anonymous said...

This person must be deaf - Stevie wasn't shaky at all.

Unknown said...

Stevie haters always say the same thing. Either you get her and her voice or you don't.

brian said...

maybe he (Josh) is a rap lover and they can't find any good rockers in todays rockin roll artists especially females. Rock on the the Queen of Rock!!!

slipbananapeel said...

I had the honor of Being there that night and the night before at the Forum. The energy they showed was amazing. Tusk was awesome. Gold Dust Woman was phenomenal. This was the sixth time I've seen them and I've never been disappointed. What band wouldn't miss a note after 78 shows? It was so special to have Christine back and sing Songbird for us.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME SHOW !! It was an HONOR to be there to see them in Vegas.....was my 9th show on this tour " ON WITH THE SHOW" !! Saw them in NYC twice, Prudential Center, up and down the East Coast including FLORIDA .....wish I would have won $$ in VEGAS.....would be following them to London and Australia !! NO ONE was shaky.....they were strong and ON POINT EACH & EVERY TIME !! What a pleasure to see & hear them all together again ! <3

Anonymous said...

I also saw them on Friday the 10th in Los Angeles and Saturay in Vegas. For one thing the sound itself was poor in LA and amazing in Vegas. That was the third time this tour i've seen them in LA at the Forum and for some reason only the last one had a very muffled sound. Again...Vegas...crystal clear. As for the performances. there was nothing "shaky" about them. Stevie still has those AMAZING pipes and was absolutely spot on pitch perfect. Um...maybe the reviewer didn't actually see the whole concert? Although (Vegas was my 6th time seeing them this tour) Christine is amazing and I'm so glad she is back with her songs...she did fail to reach a note toward the end of Songbird. That was the only "non-perfect" not sure what this reviewer is on. But, wouldn't have missed a moment of it. I can't sing at all let alone hit ANY note for the 87th time in concert! haha. Rock on Fleetwood Mac!!!!

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