Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fleetwood Mac: Supergroup being pretty low-key ahead of their Adelaide concert

THE members of legendary supergroup Fleetwood Mac are being pretty low- key during their Adelaide stay.


Heading out of the band’s city hotel yesterday wearing jeans and a T-shirt Lindsey Buckingham, greeted our shutterbug telling him to stay put because “there will be a raft of people for you to photograph’’.

He wasn’t telling Little Lies eitherbecause soon after appeared Christine McVie, who is back with Mac after 16 years, with an entourage. Like Lindsey, she was casually dressed and looking relaxed as she left to take in some city sights.

Mick Fleetwood was even more chilled out, rocking a beanie.

Fleetwood Mac is performing at Coopers Stadium on Wednesday night and there are Rumours the band will be at the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

“Fleetwood Mac has been invited and inundated with requests to attend Cup Carnival events,” a source close to the band tells Confidential.


Anonymous said...

So where was the star of the group... where was Stevie??

Unknown said...

She was rehearsing Seven Wonders to be added to the Melbourne gigs hopefully!

Unknown said...

There are pics of her via Splash News getting off a private plane when they got to AUS. She had on some sort of weird head wrap/scarf thing.

There were also pics of her leaving a bakery with Christine's assistant Emery, and Karen.

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love Fleetwood Mac. One of their songs is playing on the radio right now! Would love to see Stevie Nicks again

Anonymous said...

Just got back from the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, bought 2 things... a t-shirt, and Stevie Nicks book! She is by far my all-time favorite female vocalist!

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