First Date April 4th in Columbus, Ohio
Full Press Release at Fleetwoodmac.com
Click here for pdf version
Fleetwood Mac Extends Tour
Click here for pdf version

Mick Fleetwood called in Q104.3 to chat with Jim Kerr about Fleetwood Mac's brand-new EP, "Extended Play," their current tour & more.

Extra TV - Video! Fleetwood Mac Talks Band Reunion Stevie Nicks weighs in on Lance Armstrong Scandal

“Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli sat down with Fleetwood Mac; Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, and Mick Fleetwood to talk about the band getting back together and returning to the stage for their seventeenth tour.

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Plus: Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood join their Fleetwood Mac bandmate to reveal the secret to their success.

Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood reveal push for new music as they get ready for 2013 tour.
Stevie Nicks sings a smig of new/old Buckingham Nicks track "Without You"
newly recorded & just waiting release from that wicker basket!
View more videos at: http://nbclosangeles.com.

FLEETWOOD MAC - UK TOUR 2013 - Interview with Mick Fleetwood

CBS News - FLEETWOOD MAC Kick off U.S. Tour 2013

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham chat with Access about their decision to put their project, Buckingham Nicks, on hold to join Fleetwood Mac. At the time, how did Stevie rationalize the decision? Plus, what did Mick Fleetwood think of their music.

Fleetwood Mac talks their 2013 tour

by Nichole Hamilton

Fleetwood Mac members Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood talked to OTRC.com about their upcoming 2013 tour, and how they've managed to maintain their fan following for so long.

"You can't really stop," Nicks told OTRC.com on January 24. "I have a friend, Doug Morris, who said to me once, 'when you retire, you just get small.' And I think that's really true - I love that. So, you can't just go on a three year vacation, because when you come back, it won't be there. And that's why a lot of the big bands that still try to play, and they don't play for eight or nine years, and then they try to play - they're not good anymore."

Nicks went on to say that while rehearsals are slated to start in February, the group is still debating on what the official set list will be.

"We're all just thinking now, and going over in our heads what, you know, which songs," Nicks said. "Because, there are those specific 10 songs, 12 songs, whatever, that you play because you - because the audience really wants to hear them, and because they are the foundation of the band, and because they are the reason we all have really nice houses. So, those are there. But beyond that, we have the other songs to play with, so it's really fun, but we don't really know yet because we haven't started, so it's really mysterious."

Lindsey Buckingham, the veteran guitarist, who once shared a romantic relationship with Nicks, explained how the close, songwriting pair are rediscovering their bond.

"We are still somehow inventing new dynamics within the two of us," Buckingham explained of his friendship with Nicks. "We are still discovering things about each other. Perhaps we are still getting back to things we once had ... It just makes it very sweet, that after all these years, we can perhaps now we can really start to address some of the love that's always been there, and some of the things that we have shared."

Full Article at On The Red Carpet

Fleetwood Mac on New Songs & Tour, Dave Grohl, and Justin Bieber - Stevie sings a snippet of Sad Angel! 

PLUS confirms that "Without You" is the NEW Buckingham Nicks song that her and Lindsey recorded!  One of 3 newly recorded tracks.

Stevie Nicks on Her Mom's Passing & Fleetwood Mac

After over four decades together, Fleetwood Mac is still thriving. The band is re-releasing their album Rumours and will soon be embarking on a newly expanded North American tour. Despite bumps along the way, lead singer Stevie Nicks partially credits the band's recent reconnection to her mother's passing.
Fleetwood Mac has been on many hiatuses throughout the years, which the band says has become an almost necessary cyclical process for them to break off and embark on solo endeavors amid spurts of recording and touring together.

A few years after the band wrapped its Unleashed tour, it is back together for another tour, which Nicks mainly credits to the passing of her mother, Barbara, in late 2011.

"My mom passed away a year and two months ago, so Lindsey (Buckingham, guitarist) and I have talked a lot about that," Nicks said in a sit-down with Buckingham and drummer Mick Fleetwood (bassist John McVie was not present).

"She was the last of the Old Guard, so it's been a little bit shocking for all of us, but I think in a strange sort of way it's kind of really reconnected us in a way because we miss her and we wish she wasn't gone. She loved Lindsey and she loved Mick, and she loved me. ...Losing Barbara has really, I think, brought us back together in a lot of ways."

While they've recently joined back together for the Fleetwood Mac Live 2013 tour--which was recently extended an additional twelve shows due to the high volume of demand for the shows-- Nicks, who has maintained a steady solo career over the years, divulged that it's only natural that the band will be on hiatus once again.

"It is like a marriage and if you're together 24 hours a day every single day, no matter how much you care about somebody, you need a break," she said. "So, we take that three-year break and it seems to work really beautifully for us."

In addition to the band's 2013 tour, it is also re-releasing its 1977 album Rumours, which has become one of the best-selling albums of all time with an astonishing 40 million estimated records sold. The reissued album will feature live recordings and previously unreleased music.

Watch the video to hear the band talk about the re-released edition of Rumours, which will be available January 29.
Fleetwood Mac prepares to go on tour again
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- After a three-year break, Fleetwood Mac is hitting the road again for a major national tour. It also marks a milestone, the 35th anniversary of the release of "Rumours," one of the most successful albums of all time.

 Fleetwood Mac is preparing to go on a big arena tour, including stops in late May at Anaheim's Honda Center and the Hollywood Bowl.

"It makes you stay young. It makes you stay vibrant. We're in a wonderful, mysterious, crazy band. So we get to stay young because of this," said Stevie Nicks.

On the new tour, you will hear the songs that make up the foundation of the band, but it may have a different feel to it, according to Lindsey Buckingham.

"It's what you do around the edges, the colors that you use to sort of accent everything else that makes the set different," Buckingham said.

 A deluxe re-issue of "Rumours" comes out next week.

 George Pennacchio KABC

Fleetwood Mac Anatomy of a song 'Go Your Own Way'
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Fleetwood Mac Add More U.S. Tour Dates
Second shows in Chicago, Boston and L.A. among 13 new gigs
Rolling Stone
Fleetwood Mac Extend North American Tour
Fleetwood Mac adds new tour dates including Albany concert
Fleetwood Mac announce new US tour dates over Glastonbury weekend 
Rock legends appear to have ruled themselves out of playing the Pyramid Stage
More Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac Expand 2013 Tour Schedule, Add Montreal Date
Fleetwood Mac adds Cleveland stop to upcoming tour
Fleetwood Mac San Diego-bound
The veteran Anglo-American band's tour has been expanded to include a San Diego date this summer
Fleetwood Mac Are Coming to Portland
The Portland Mercury
Fleetwood Mac coming to Des Moines' Wells Fargo Arena
Des Moines Register
Durement éprouvé en 2012, Fleetwood Mac sera à Montréal en juin
2 Audio Interviews: Mick Fleetwood speaks with Canadian Radio - Magic 98.3 Saskatoon and Classic Rock 101 Vancouver

Mick Fleetwood Interview with Heather Morrison of Magic 98.3 Saskatoon, Canada speaking life, Fleetwood Mac and the upcoming tour.
Mick Fleetwood talks Mac 2013 tour with Robin Larose of Classic Rock 101 Vancouver
STEVIE NICKS Checks In With Bo and Jim at 
Lone Star 92.5 Dallas Speaking about Fleetwood Mac
Great interview!
 Length is approximately 10 minutes

Q&A w/ Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham
'Now that you've talked to the two of us, are you starting to feel like a shrink?'
Rolling Stone

Fleetwood Mac To Headline Glastonbury After Finishing 2013 Tour? Stevie Nicks confirms they will be playing festivals

Fleetwood Mac Annouces 34 Date Tour
by Shaina Pearlman
Paste | CNN | Pollstar

Fleetwood Mac announce Canadian dates for 2013 tour

Fleetwood Mac to release new songs ahead of comeback gigs 
Stevie Nicks confirms "two or three" new tracks will come out

Lindsey Buckingham On Christine McVie: 
“She Didn’t Have To Burn As Many Bridges As She Did”

Fleetwood Mac to Release New Music Before Spring Tour
"These songs sound like they're 30," Stevie Nicks tells Billboard. "It blows my mind. Because we've never stopped, our voices and everything"
by Gary Graff, Detroit

Fleetwood Mac to tour Canada, U.S. in 2013
New music planned by classic '70s rock band

Stevie Nicks dishes on new and old work with Lindsey Buckingham
By Randall Roberts - Los Angeles Times Pop Music Critic

AUDIO: Stevie Nicks Interview w/ Renee at The River 105.9. Fleetwood Mac, New Music, New Photo Session

AUDIO: Stevie Nicks speaks with Ken Calvert of WCSX Detroit about Fleetwood Mac Tour

Fleetwood Mac announce new music, 2013 tour
Stevie Nicks talks with MSN Music about the band's upcoming tour and when their new songs will be available
By Mark Brown

Stevie Nicks talks Fleetwood Mac's 2013 tour, teases new songs
By Randall Roberts - Los Angeles Times Pop Music Critic

Fleetwood Mac to kick off 34-city tour in April: 
Singer Stevie Nicks says band will continue performing 'until we drop dead'
The tour coincides with the 35th anniversary of the blockbuster 1977 album, 'Rumours,' which landed the group four hit singles and sold more than 40 million copies worldwide.

For rock legends Fleetwood Mac, it's 'til death do us part
Do not call it a comeback and don't even think of it as a farewell tour.
By Eric Kelsey

Stevie Nicks talks to EW about 2013 Fleetwood Mac tour, reconnecting with Lindsey Buckingham, and why she's addicted to 'Call Me Maybe'
by Leah Greenblatt

Fleetwood Mac Will Tour in 2013

Fleetwood Mac announces Canadian dates, including Edmonton

Fleetwood Mac Announce Reunion Tour

Fleetwood Mac to Launch World Tour in April
'It's the perfect time to go back out,' says Stevie Nicks
"If everything goes will we'll be in Europe doing festivals this summer," says Nicks. "Then we'll actually tour Europe, which is different than just doing festivals. Then we might do fifteen or so shows in Australia."

Fleetwood Mac regroups to launch a 34-city tour
Nicks envisions performing hits, rarities and maybe a couple of migrants, particularly the war-themed Soldier's Angel, a duet with Buckingham from her 2011 solo album, In Your Dreams.
Edna Gundersen - December 3. 2012

1st Round of Fleetwood Mac Tour Dates Announced. Tour starts in Columbus, OH April 4th
Fleetwood Mac aims to 'get along, have a great time'
Edna Gundersen

Stevie Nicks Interview: Fleetwood Mac is heading out on a 35-city tour that starts April 4th (tickets go on sale Dec. 7)
Stevie Nicks On Fleetwood Mac's Reunion Tour, Rihanna, Kanye West & Her Early Years In Music
by Kia Makarechi

Lindsey Buckingham Ready For Fleetwood Mac Return in 2013
Lindsey Buckingham is ready to get back into Fleetwood Mac in the coming year, but he was happy to go his own way in 2012

Stevie Nicks Reveals Two New Song Titles Recorded by Fleetwood Mac
In this audio conversation, which is obviously part of a larger interview, Stevie talks about going over to Lindsey's home to record her vocals on two tracks that Mick, John and Lindsey had previously recorded earlier this year.  

Stevie said the boys went in at the beginning of this year and recorded some songs (Lindsey talked about 8 songs recorded in previous interviews) and that they wanted her to come but she said her mother had just passed away and she wasn't in any condition to sing or write songs.  She went on to say that she went over to Lindsey's and recorded her vocals parts on two of the tracks, one that she picked and one that Lindsey picked saying:

“They came out great,” says Stevie. “They sound totally like really great Fleetwood Mac songs.”

The songs are “Miss Fantasy” and “Sad Angel.” Stevie and Lindsey also recorded a third song, which may be released next year as part of a possible 40th anniversary edition of the Buckingham-Nicks album.

Lindsey Buckingham: 'I Would Love to Do' a New Fleetwood Mac Album
Singer-guitarist talks possible studio reunion and his solo tour

Fleetwood Mac confirm details of reunion tour, hint at new material in 2013 
Stevie Nicks says band will be on the road from April

More than just Rumours: Fleetwood Mac confirm they're touring next year
Singer Stevie Nicks has agreed to reunite with Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie

Stevie Nicks: Fleetwood Mac Will Go on Tour in "April or May"; 
New Music May Be Coming

It's the Plan! The Members of Fleetwood Mac are all on board to tour in 2013. The plan is to begin rehearsals in January, 2013 according to Stevie.

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