The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac

a 2CD compilation album originally released in 2002 to promote the 2003 album Say You Will and subsequent world tour.  It was released as a double CD in the USA containing 36 songs, and as a single disc in the United Kingdom. It debuted on the Billboard 200 album chart at number 12 on 2 November 2002. It spent 42 weeks on the chart. It was certified gold on 12 November 2002, and platinum on 10 January 2003 and later 4x Platinum on 11 September 2018, by the RIAA.

The US version contained the highly successful Californian era of Fleetwood Mac's work (1975 onwards). It also featured the B-side "Silver Springs", the previously unreleased The Dance performance of "Go Insane", and several rare single remixes of key tracks, such as "Rhiannon" and "Sisters of the Moon". The enhanced section contained rare live performances, interviews, music videos and footage of the band making their next album.  The UK version of 2002 was not enhanced, and contained three songs from the Peter Green-led blues era of Fleetwood Mac.

In October 2009, the two-disc US version was released in the UK and many other territories in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, to coincide with the European and Australasian legs of the group's 'Unleashed' world tour. The re-released version features a different picture on the outer slipcase to previous releases. The re-release has proven to be as successful in the UK as the previous 2002 release, and it re-entered the UK album chart at #6 (the 2002 edition had peaked at #7). Sales of both the 2002 edition and the 2009 edition combined have achieved 6× Platinum status (shipping of 1,800,000) by December 2018. The album has spent more than two years within the top 40, and 360 weeks in the UK Top 100 by December 2018. The album sold over 89,000 copies in the UK in 2013 having reached as high as #34 on the album chart earlier in the year.


1. "Monday Morning"
2. "Dreams"
3. "You Make Loving Fun"
4. "Go Your Own Way"
5. "Rhiannon" (Single mix, 1976)
6. "Say You Love Me" (Single mix, 1976)
7. "I'm So Afraid (Live, 1997)" (Edited version)      
8. "Silver Springs" (Remix, 1976)
9. "Over My Head" (Single mix)
10. "Never Going Back Again"
11. "Sara"
12. "Love in Store"
13. "Tusk"
14. "Landslide"
15. "Songbird"
16. "Big Love (Live, 1997)"
17. "Storms"

1. "The Chain"
2. "Don't Stop"
3. "What Makes You Think You're the One"
4. "Gypsy" Nicks
5. "Second Hand News"
6. "Little Lies"
7. "Think About Me" (Single mix, 1980)
8. "Go Insane (Live, 1997)"
9. "Gold Dust Woman" (Fade-in version)
10. "Hold Me"
11. "Seven Wonders"
12. "World Turning"
13. "Everywhere"
14. "Sisters of the Moon" (Single mix, 1980)
15. "Family Man"
16. "As Long as You Follow"
17. "No Questions Asked"
18. "Skies the Limit"
19. "Paper Doll"

1. "Go Your Own Way"
2. "Don't Stop"
3. "Dreams"
4. "Little Lies"
5. "Everywhere"
6. "Albatross"
7. "You Make Loving Fun"
8. "Rhiannon" (Single mix, 1976)
9. "Black Magic Woman"
10. "Tusk"
11. "Say You Love Me" (Single mix, 1976)
12. "Man of the World"
13. "Seven Wonders"
14. "Family Man"
15. "Sara"
16. "Monday Morning"
17. "Gypsy"
18. "Over My Head" (Single mix, 1975)
19. "Landslide"
20. "The Chain"
21. "Big Love (Live, 1997)"

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