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Saturday, June 15, 2013

REVIEW: "Fleetwood Mac are rock and roll royalty and we are humble and grateful servants"

JUNE 10, 2013

Fleetwood Mac Live at Philips Arena
by Kevin Kelsey - Photos by Emily Butler
Speaker Creatures

Some things truly do get better with age, and as those in attendance at Philips Arena on Monday night can attest, this includes Fleetwood Mac.

With the recent release of their EP Extended Play this tour is by no means a final farewell, and as Lindsey Buckingham phrased it, “there’s a few more chapters left in the book of Fleetwood Mac.”

Taking the stage with energy and enthusiasm, they began with a trio from Rumors. “Second Hand News,” which was a great opener and one of my favorites, “The Chain,” with John McVie’s classic bass line break still able to induce goose-flesh and “Dreams,“ that underscored Stevie Nicks’ ability to still captivate and hypnotize with her vocals and presence.  If you closed your eyes, you could imagine it was still 1977.

Next up was “Sad Angel,” the best song off the new record, which sounds both familiar and fresh, followed by an intoxicating version of “Rhiannon.”

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

FLEETWOOD MAC: Live Review and Photos by Danielle Boise - ATLANTA

Fleetwood Mac Live 2013 World Tour – Atlanta
Live Review and Photos by Danielle Boise
Target Audience Magazine

July, 2013 Target Magazine
It had been 3 years since their last tour and 35 years after the release of Rumours. Fleetwood Mac glided onto the stage and took over Philips Arena at their Atlanta stop of the Fleetwood Mac LIVE 2013 World Tour on Monday June 10th for a nearly sold out performance and did not disappoint for one second; as these living legends gave an earth shattering performance that straddled the line between electrifying, beguiling and perfection. There is no other band of yesteryear, today or tomorrow that is like that of Fleetwood Mac.

Fleetwood Mac kicked off their nearly 2.5 hour set, containing 23 songs and 2 encores with “Second Hand News” followed by the ever glorious “The Chain” and then the hauntingly sublime “Dreams” before demoing their new song “Sad Angel,” which was released on their new Extended Play EP, on April 30. “Rhiannon,” “Not That Funny” and Mick Fleetwood’s emotionally shattering “Tusk” amped up the raw factor. Before going into “Sisters of the Moon,” which Stevie Nicks stated, “that song hasn’t been played on stage since 1981,” it was a treat to see material that hasn’t graced the stage in several touring cycles.

It was never so prevalent to see that the past had been forgiven and ego removed, leaving only the love of the music and their shared history that they honored by performing together so cohesively, than when Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks shared an intimate moment on stage after performing “Sara” with an endearing embrace that left the crowd in cheers with some tears.

After “Sara,” it was Buckingham’s moment to shine with “Big Love,” as he took the stage as his own and stated “This next song is particularly significant to me. It is about transition. It once was an ensemble piece and looking back at the lyrics of the song to where I was in 1987… I was “looking out for love,” I was not looking for love. This song was about the contemplation of alienation and now, it’s about the power and importance of change.”

After which, Nicks moment to radiate for me was with “Landslide.” For me nothing compares to “Landslide” and in that moment the lyrics, along with the impact of witnessing Nicks perform it live brought tears to my eyes and took my breath away.
Fleetwood Mac continued the set list with “Never Going Back Again,” “Without You,” “Gypsy,” “Eyes of the World,” the ravishing “Gold Dust Woman,” “I’m So Afraid,” “Stand Back,” and ended the regular set with “Go Your Own Way” before coming back for the first of two encores. With Mick Fleetwood’s hands down amazing drum solo during “World Turning” before going into the crowd induced dance and sing-along of “Don’t Stop.”

“Much fun was had by all.” – Mick Fleetwood

For the second encore, Nicks beckoned the stage and brought a standing ovation that rippled through the entire arena with “Silver Springs” and ended the last song of the night in the most befitting way possible with “Say Goodbye.”

“Atlanta, you guys are the best!” – Lindsey Buckingham

It’s so hard to encapsulate this show into one set of words. It truly was about the bigger picture in the sense of the experience. What I think was beyond stunning, was every member had their moment to shine and be honored for their individual and collective talents that they bring to the group as a whole. There was no ego, no hurt, just the shared love of music that binds them together and that’s what they in turn shared with us, the audience in such a powerfully authentic way and heartwarming way and truly magical to watch.

There really is nothing like seeing Fleetwood Mac perform live, nothing. The band members are so engrossed in the music that they get absolutely lost in the sonic goodness that they are creating, yet still maintain a connection with their fans. This is what performing means, to bring the audience to their feet, time and time again without fancy theatrics, just showmanship.

Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks are four pieces that come together to create a gorgeous soundscape. They truly are pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together, as if they’ve always just been one and forever they will be.
Fleetwood Mac is currently out on the North American leg of their Tour through July 6 before starting the European leg of Fleetwood Mac Live 2013 World Tour. For more information, visit

Click HERE for about 1,000 photos from the show.

GOLD DUST WOMAN - WOW!  Unfriggin believable performance Stevie!!  This song is getting better and better as the tour rolls on. The way her and Mick connected with the drum beats near the ending was so cool!  Note to guy operating the yellow light at the end... .Keep it on her a little longer!

REVIEW | VIDEOS | PHOTOS: Fleetwood Mac Live in Atlanta

JUNE 10, 2013

Concert review: Fleetwood Mac enchants Philips Arena crowd
By Melissa Ruggieri
Photo Gallery

They’ve always been a crew of characters.

Mick Fleetwood, the wild-eyed co-founder and beat keeper.

Lindsey Buckingham, the perfectionist artiste with the gift for guitar.

Stevie Nicks, the mystical Glinda the good witch and poet.

John McVie, the stoic root of the rhythm section.

Even Christine McVie, before she departed Fleetwood Mac in 1998, played the part of the classy Brit whose keyboards added lushness and sweetness to the band’s sound.

Though Fleetwood Mac has toured sporadically during the past 15 years, it wasn’t always convincing that they were squeezing onto planes and tour buses and stages for anything other than a paycheck.

But now, after even more years of solo projects and time spent apart, it’s apparent that there is genuine affection tying the onetime soap opera-etic Mac together.

Buckingham and Nicks almost always entered the stage at Philips Arena together, holding hands like the king and the queen of the prom – the roles they’ve always filled within the band.

The songs from “Rumours” – seven of the 11 tracks from their landmark album made the live cut – at one time stung with hurt and betrayal, showcasing the most dysfunctional band in rock.

But as Nicks and Buckingham joined voices during the ominous creep of “The Chain,” with Fleetwood’s rattling snare drum bumping the song along, and Nicks unleashed her throaty warble on “Dreams,”  the songs now sounded like beautifully constructed couplets from a musical era never to be duplicated. The music is as potent as ever, even if the impetus behind the lyrics has softened.

For 2 ½-hours on Monday, Fleetwood Mac enchanted a sold-out crowd at Philips – mostly happy middle-agers thrilled to see the gang one more time, or maybe for the first time – and unveiled a comprehensive, 23-song set list.

Above Photos by Robb D Cohen
Since it’s the 35th anniversary of “Rumours,” favorites from the album – the opening “Second Hand News,” the grungy guitar shadowing “Gold Dust Woman,” the aggravated kiss-off “Go Your Own Way” among them – took center stage.

However, one thing Fleetwood Mac can brag about is recently releasing new songs (on the digital EP, “Extended Play”) that are well-suited for the band’s canon.

“It appears there are a few chapters left in the book of Fleetwood Mac,” Buckingham crowed from the stage.

“Sad Angel” is a driving pop rocker featuring those trademark Buckingham/Nicks vocals, while the “Peace Train”-like “Without You,” an unearthed demo from the pair, chugged along appealingly.

As for the rest of the hits, yes, some keys were modified to suit aging voices, but it was still a treat to hear “Rihannon,” perfectly complemented by images of a colorful moon on the high-def screen stretching the stage, and “Sisters of the Moon,” a song Fleetwood Mac hadn’t played live since 1981 prior to this tour.

The bond between Nicks and Buckingham was apparent throughout the show – she in her trademark uniform of black jagged-edge dresses and scarf-adorned tambourines and he in skinny jeans and black leather jacket – but most obviously during “Sara,” when Nicks laid her head on Buckingham’s shoulder and closed her eyes as he played, and the ever-poignant “Landslide,” which featured the two standing alone center stage.

While their dynamic is always a draw, it would be unfair not to underscore the awesomeness of Buckingham’s playing on every song, but particularly “Big Love” – he shook out his right hand before tackling the speedy chord changes in the song – and “I’m So Afraid,” which was raw and explosive. And Buckingham knew he nailed it.

By the time Fleetwood Mac – augmented by two musicians and Nicks’ two backup singers – started to wind down with the sunshine-and-rainbows anthem “Don’t Stop” (Nicks handled McVie’s verses), it became apparent that while the band can be dark, they’ve always found a flame of hope to guide them.

For anyone paying attention to Stevie's and Lindsey's stage costumes this tour, it's remained pretty much static the entire tour thus far except for tonight Stevie began the show in the frilly dress she's worn on previous solo and Mac tours.  Then eventually she changed into the 2 outfits that she's been ending the tour with. 


 Above 3 Photos by California Dreamin'

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