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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Photos: Fleetwood Mac Live in Minneapolis, Chicago, New York City and Boston

Fleetwood Mac Live in Minneapolis
September 30, 2014
Photos by Ann Campbell

Fleetwood Mac Live in Chicago
October 3, 2014
Photos by Cind75

Fleetwood Mac Live in New York City
October 6, 2014
Photos by Jonathan Bayer

Fleetwood Mac Live in New York City
October 6 or 7, 2014
Photos by Sarah Ackerman
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Fleetwood Mac Live in New York City
October 6 or 7, 2014
Photos by Bill Kelly

Fleetwood Mac Live in Boston 
October 10, 2014
Photos by DigBoston
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Saturday, October 11, 2014

REVIEWS: Fleetwood Mac Live in Boston October 10, 2014 "a night of Classic Mac"

McVie completes Fleetwood Mac at TD Garden
By James Reed
Boston Globe

Fleetwood Mac Live in Boston October 10, 2014

Before the stage lights were even on, Christine McVie was already blowing kisses to a crowd that had spotted her in the darkness. They were big kisses, the kind meant to make up for lost time.

It had been 16 years since McVie had joined her bandmates in Fleetwood Mac on tour, and her return was cause for celebration. Yes, it meant more of her songs in the set list, but it also crystallized the fact that Fleetwood Mac has always been a group greater than the sum of its parts.

“On With the Show,” as this reunion tour is called, came to a sold-out TD Garden Friday night. (It rolls back into town on Oct. 25, with limited tickets available.) They played for 2½ hours, and the fact that there weren’t many deep cuts was a testament to just how hit-heavy their catalog is.

It was McVie’s night, even with such blinding star wattage emanating from Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. After the opening “The Chain,” McVie greeted fans first, with a spotlight briefly fixed on her. Next up was Nicks.

“I’d like to say one thing: Welcome back, Chris!” Nicks roared.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Review: Christine McVie completes Mac - Live in Boston Oct 10, 2014

‘Songbird’ rejoins classic lineup at Garden
by Jed Gottlieb
Boston Herald

Photo By Matthew Healey - View Gallery

Boston Herald - Oct 11, 2014
Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend tour as The Who and I’m fine with that. I’ll listen to and enjoy Pink Floyd without Roger Waters. The Queen + Adam Lambert collaboration doesn’t bug me, provided they never bill themselves as just “Queen.”

But for me, Fleetwood Mac is Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie and Christine McVie. And the fact that this lineup came together eight years into the band’s history isn’t lost on me.

Last night at the TD Garden, after a 16-year absence, Christine McVie returned to Boston as a member of Fleetwood Mac.

“Welcome back, Chris,” Nicks shouted to cheers. “Where have you been?”

The Mac devoted a big chunk of the night to Christine’s return.

After opening with “The Chain” (the obvious, perfect choice), a clear-voiced Christine hit into “You Make Loving Fun.” Immediately, the crowd roared.

“Our Songbird,” as Mick called her, opens up the band’s set list.

The band did a pair of her tunes from “Tango in the Night” — an absurdly polished album. But the craft of “Everywhere” and “Little Lies” shine through any then-state-of-the-art-now-dated production.

Of course she delivered her early classics — “Say You Love Me,” “Over My Head,” “Don’t Stop” — and closed the night with a wonderfully tender reading of “Songbird.” Again: obvious, perfect.

But it must be noted that Nicks’ twirls got an ovation equal to Christine’s introduction. For so many Nicks Chicks, this is Stevie’s band.

While her voice strains or falls flat at moments, its husky warmth overcomes any little flubs. Her voice — on “Rhiannon,” “Landslide,” “Gold Dust Woman” — may be the band’s defining quality.

If not Nicks’ vocals, then Buckingham’s character personifies the band with his wild energy and bold affectations. Last night, he exploded across the entire stage.

In excellent shape — vocally, physically, psychically — Buckingham added dynamism to the set. With Mick, he led the charge through dark songs like “The Chain” and “Tusk.” He captivated a sold-out Garden alone on stage with his guitar for “Big Love.” There are certain times, like between 8:15 and 10:45 last night, I think he’s the greatest guitarist not named Jimi, Jimmy or Eddie.

But let’s not play favorites. Fleetwood Mac seems genuinely happy to be back together. Let’s be happy for them. It’s so easy when the music is this great.

Source: Boston Herald

Photo: TD Garden