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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Ho litigato in silenzio con mr B di fronte a tutti e mi girano. Lentamente però mi girano.
Lentamente, come la ruota di un vespino 50 degli anni 50. Insomma come una ruota che gira piano, una ruota come quelle panoramiche che lentamente ti fanno vedere tutto lo skyline della città. A Londra c’è una ruota così, la London Wheel. Vado a Londra. Se non si è capito…

La velocità con cui mi girano aiuta anche il taxi che mi porta a Linate facciamo un po’ più in fretta.
Solita attesa per Her Clearness e con la mitica compagnia arancione ci imbarchiamo per Gatwick, Londra, Inghilterra, ed oggi per me Londra significa Fleetwood Mac.

Ci fiondiamo subito ad un tipico 4 stelle inglese rivestito internamente di moquette affianco al nuovo stadio di Wembley e alla Wembley Arena. I nostri suoneranno li.

Monday, November 09, 2009

VIDEO: Stevie Nicks Nails "Silver Springs" in London. Last song - Last Show in Europe

If ever a track was cut from the show it's always been the last song, the second encore "Silver Springs". You never really knew if you were going to get to hear it or not... Whether it was because of time constraints at the venue, or Stevie's voice couldn't handle it because of playing back to back shows, you just never knew. But WOW! Did London get a really great send off or what!? November 6th... Last Song of the night.... Last Show in London... Last Show in Europe... Stevie pulls off SILVER SPRINGS AMAZINGLY!!!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac - Third Time is a Charm for Trackaghost

NOVEMBER 6, 2009

After the upbeat opening number Monday Morning and the always atmospheric The Chain (John McVie sounding particularly inspired on his iconic bass solo), the audience were revved up and ready for a good show, but it even more exciting to learn that ex-member Christine McVie was in fact in the audience. "We have lots of good friends here to tonight who we want to thank," Lindsey told the audience, "in particular we'd like to mention Christine and just tell you, we love you."

Visit Movies of My Dreams to continue with the full experience.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Fleetwood Mac Live in London - Luella Bartley Meets Stevie Nicks

Given that Luella is a huge fan of Stevie Nicks (she even named her daughter Stevie), it was only right the Fleetwood Mac singer should meet the designer when she was in town on tour. Despite Luella’s ardent admiration – you can certainly spot the personal style influences (sparkly pendants, blonde fringe, a penchant for gold Lurex thread) – the pair had never met before. We stole this snap of them as they finally made their introductions. Apparently, they plan to hit the flea markets together in Paris next week. Altogether now: “I want to be with you everywhere.” - November 6, 2009


Last night at Wembley Arena in London
Fleetwood Mac closed out the European
leg of the Unleashed Tour.

It was a special show - Christine McVie having retired from the band in 1998 was there in the audience to support the band but sadly didn't participate.  Lots of love was sent out to Christine during the night from Lindsey and Stevie - Lindsey said hello to all of their friends in the audience especially Christine, saying "we love you".  Stevie dedicated Landslide to Christine saying she misses her everyday.

Not quite the beginning, but here's the second song of the night
"The Chain".
Next up is Melbourne, Australia
December 1st

Friday, November 06, 2009