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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Coming Soon.... Fleetwood's on Front Street

Fleetwood's on Front St. 
(Restaurant, Bar, Club)

FLEETWOOD'S ON FRONT ST. Mick Fleetwood's upcoming restaurant, bar, nightclub and hot-spot-to-be on the Island of Maui, Hawaii. Casual and Island Cool. Approachable menu with a blend of Hawaiiana and Colonial befitting the Rock Legend's home and heritage. Overlooking the ocean with Maui's most spectacular water and Island views. Scheduled to open mid 2011. Two levels, 14,000 Sq. Ft., with a separate wine shop, gallery and gift shop on the ground floor featuring the art of Hawaii and of Mick Fleetwood, plus Mick's award winning wines Mick Fleetwood Private Cellar.                 - Jonathan Todd

Fleetwood's on Front St. is now on Facebook - HERE
Fleetwood's on Front St. website coming soon - HERE

No specific date yet on when this restaurant will open, but you may recall Mick himself in a recent interview said the process was in the "lawyer" stage, so it sounds like things are just being finalized...  You may also recall back in November Mick appeared in a segment on the Golf Channel "GolfNow Ka'anapali", where Lauren Thompson interviewed Mick on Front Street in Lahaina at The Lahaina Store the former Planet Hollywood Restaurant.  This is the future site of Mick's restaurant... She said in her video diary it would open in the summer of 2011.  You can still catch that bit of footage online in Lauren's video diary.  

In any case, in the on-going evolution of branding Mick Fleetwood, this venture of Micks makes me want to head on over to Maui when it's up and running!!... I think it would be pretty cool to check out...

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Watch the extended jam session by Mick Fleetwood and his band in this web-exclusive clip.

Golf Now: Ka'anapali - Mick Fleetwood's Jam Session Uncut
Click Image For GofNow Video Page
See more on Golf Now: Ka'anapali Tuesday at 7:30 pm ET only on Golf Channel.

Also, watch Laren Thompsons video diary of the day she golfed with Mick Fleetwood and interviewed him at the Ka'anapali Golf Resort.
Photos of the day of shooting can be found on the Ka'anapali Facebook page
Click Image For Lauren's Video Diary
The Lahaine Store on Front St.
Lauren's interview with Mick took place on Front Street in Lahaina at The Lahaina Store the former Planet Hollywood Restaurant. Lauren notes that in 6 months to a year, the restaurant will become "Fleetwood's" (not sure if that's the official name) and will feature "The Mick Fleetwood Blues Band" with the house wine being from Mick's own Private Label Collection.  She mentions Mick will be playing with the Blues Band on the roof top.  

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto gives a cooking lesson to Lauren Thompson, host of Golf Now: Kaanapali, on Wednesday morning at the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa's Teppan-Yaki Dan restaurant. The popular chef from the Japanese competitive cooking show "Iron Chef," and spinoff "Iron Chef America," created a signature dish of dumpling soup for the restaurant's menu called "Par Four." The dumplings, made of shrimp and lobster or chicken and pork, were coated in browned rice before being cooked in hot oil and then placed into the soup. Thompson's destination show is scheduled to be televised the week of Nov. 29 on the Golf Channel. She also interviewed musician Mick Fleetwood and U.S. Winter Olympics gold medalist Julia Mancuso this week on Maui.

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