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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Shark talks to Angel Fish (Stevie Nicks)... 103.5 The Fox Colorado

Ahead of tonights Red Rocks show - Stevie Nicks was interviewed by The Shark on 103.5 The Fox Colorado's Classic Rock station... Shark and Stevie have a Phoenix connection... She tells Shark she misses Phoenix, and in hind sight she kinda wishes she didn't sell her house... Talks about her moms antique shop Silver Springs Emporium... and Talks about In Your Dreams... Sadly the interview cuts out at 7:18... I sent them a message... Maybe they'll fix it an up the full interview.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Stevie Nicks on Fox Monday... Two Interviews Scheduled

Fox 4 Dallas-Fort Worth have an interview set up with Stevie this Monday.. The Good Day Dallas show airs weekdays from 6am to 9am. The exact time of the interview wasn't published.
You can stream the show live here

All times are local.

Julie Chang Fox 5 New York Entertainment Reporter will air her interview with Stevie Monday as well on Good Day NY at 9:40am...
You can stream the show live here

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Stevie Nicks interview with Tim Johnstone >>

Tim Johnstone of 94.9FM The River had the pleasure and honor of sitting down for a conversation with Stevie Nicks about her new CD In Your Dreams. The interview took place in La Costa California on February 18th, 2010. At that point, Stevie had just begun talking about her first new CD in ten years.

I don't think I've heard this interview... Couldn't find a post about it.... So hear it is.  It's from her time in San Diego during the Sunset Sessions.


The Word... Interview with Stevie Nick - July, 2011

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

[Download] Stevie Nicks with Jim Ladd Full Interview

on August 1st KLOS in Los Angeles Jim Ladd's special in studio guest was non-other than Stevie Nicks... I think the plan was for her to stick around from 10pm until Midnight... but she ended up staying for about 3 and half hours... They played her new album 'In Your Dreams' track by track discussing every track in depth... This was an awesome interview one that Stevie said herself she had been waiting since May 3rd to do. There's just so much to love about this interview... Not only because it's lengthy, but because it's with Jim. He's been a Stevie cheerleader for years, they have a long history stretching way back to the late 70's - some really great interviews between the two back in the day... There's too much in this interview to go over... so just download and listen.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

[VIDEO] Stevie Nicks at SPAC

Liz Bishop of CBS6 Albany talks to Stevie Nicks about her upcoming concert at SPAC.

[NEW] WGN TV Chicago Stevie Nicks Interview Talks Tour, For What It's Worth Video + New Clothes on Tour

Stevie Nicks was a guest on WGN TV Chicago via Video Link... Part of a string of interviews she did yesterday via video link from LA.

Stevie speaks about the tour... The fantastic new clothes she'll be wearing on this new tour... plus she talks about the "For What It's Worth" video she recently shot with Dave Stewart and Mike Campbell describing a little bit the area they filmed in and what we might see... Her Niece Jessie appears in the video as a makeup artist.
Click Image For WGN Video Page

Elle Magazine UK (September Issue) Features Stevie Nicks Interview

September issue of Elle UK with  Kirsten Dunst on the cover, hitting Newstands Wednesday, will feature an interview with Stevie Nicks.  Also features interviews with Justin Timberlake and Dolly Parton.

Elle Magazine

Monday, August 01, 2011

[VIDEO] Interview with Stevie Nicks on WCPO Cincinnati

Stevie talks to WCPO in Cincinnati about her Riverbend show... and about the setlist... The Wiltern set was such a hit... she's taking it on the road!  A wise choice!  The Wiltern show was so fresh and new and exciting for the fans that were there and it blended so well with the older tunes it made for a perfect night of music.  The big question is which 6 or 7 songs? 

Stevie Nicks Interview.... KBCO Denver... Great Interview!

Stevie was the call in guest today on the BCO Morning show in Denver, CO speaking with Brett Saunders... The podcast is available to listen to or download on the KBCO website... Great interview!

Stevie was very open to discuss her years of addiction, owing her life to Betty Ford, South Park and much more. Listen to the conversation at the podcast link above and See Stevie when she returns to Red Rocks next Tuesday.

She tells Brett how she had to OK the latest South Park episode where they used Landslide... and she talks about when they used her previously when she was a goat being captured.. She thought it was hilarious!  

Stevie also tells Brett she wants the fans to know that 6 or 7 new tunes are in the set on the upcoming tour, again saying The Wiltern show was the benchmark for the decision since the show turned out so well with the added new music in the set..

I think she's nailed it.  The Wiltern set list was perfect in my opinion... It balanced the old and the new very well...Look forward to seeing how the new set turns out!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Sweet Dreams" Full Page Q&A with Stevie Nicks with a Great Photo

From Australia Herald Sun July 28, 2011 
This originally ran online at The Daily Telegraph yesterday. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Interview: Stevie Nicks with 99.9 The Mountain - Denver

Legendary "Fleetwood Mac" frontwoman Stevie Nicks joins Dan Mitchell on 99.5 The Mountain. Find out if Stevie is related to anyone from Colorado and what her thoughts are on Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Dan Mitchell gets all that.

Stevie speaks about filming Red Rocks in 86... and her relatives in Colorado and about In Your Dreams and the recording of the album with Dave Stewart.

Download the interview at 99.5 The Mountain

Also... Check out Vanessa Carlton's Tour Diary... She gives an account of her California tour and the nights she hooked up with Stevie Nicks for the two shows Stevie appeared at - Largo and Bardot in Los Angeles:

Vanessa Carlton's Tour Diary, Part 2: Stevie Nicks Duets and Dogs Eating Catering

Paper Magazine

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Have a question for Stevie Nicks? details here...

‎(Dan) I'll be talking with Stevie Nicks later today...she plays Red Rocks in August. During the interview it would be swell to ask some questions you might have for Stevie. Please submit them here and I'll let you know when you can log onto and hear the interview!

"Like" 99.5 The Mountain on Facebook and leave your question in the comments section... Go for it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A couple of Stevie Nicks interviews from this past week...

Stevie Nicks interview with Steve Wright of BBC Radio 2 - July 11th

Stevie Nicks interview with Kathryn Thomas of RTE Radio One - July 8th

Monday, July 11, 2011

Stevie Nicks on The Rock Report - Radio Nova 100FM Tuesday!

Stevie Nicks will be chatting to The Rock Report on Radio Nova 100FM out of Dublin, Ireland tomorrow at 6pm (Ireland Time).

Listen Live HERE

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Stevie Nicks on BBC Radio 2 with Steve Wright - Monday July 11th

Stevie is scheduled to appear on Steve Wright in the Afternoon this Monday July 11th. at 2pm. His 3 hour show runs 2-pm weekday afternoons on BBC Radio 2.

Listen live here as it happens... Or keep checking the BBC iplayer for the replay.

"Steve, Tim and The Old Woman try and out-trivia each other with more brain-busting Factoids and interview more amazing celebrity guests - today it's singer Stevie Nicks and Blue Mink frontman Roger Cook. Plus, three hours of toe-tapping tunes including 30 minutes of classic Non-Stop Oldies, and the latest lifestyle and entertainment headlines and top-notch Talkie bits."

New Interview - Stevie Nicks with Janice Forsyth BBC Radio Scotland

BBC Radio Scotland
with Janice Forsyth

Stevie Nicks was interviewed earlier today on BBC Radio Scotland on the Janice Forsyth Programme... "Stevie chats about her work with the band 'Fleetwood Mac' and her newly released first solo album in 10 years 'In Your Dreams'."  The interview is in the 2nd half of the programme and starts at about the 1:12 mark.

Re-listen to the program HERE

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Paul Phear Spoke with Stevie Nicks about her life, and love of music

If you are in the UK, you're lucky as this site doesn't stream it's audio beyond the UK's border.
Click The Image To Listen to the interview

If someone has the ability to capture the audio - by all means let me know, would love to hear the interview.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Mark talks to Stevie Nicks

Listen again to Mark Goodier's interview with Stevie Nicks in the UK (Duration: 25:52). You can Listen Again or Download... Really good interview!! The interview was initially broadcast over a few days - this is the full interview all put together not including the music that was played... Some missing bits that weren't in the original broadcast are included.

Check it out at Smooth Radio

BBC Radio Kent - Roger Day Interviews Stevie Nicks

Earlier today (or this evening if you are in the UK), Roger Day interviewed Stevie Nicks "His favourite Rock Lady" on his BBC Radio Kent program... The show is now available to re-listen to HERE. The interview starts at about 38:27 with "Secret Love" played first.

The interview was obviously taped when she was at the BBC in the UK during the month of June doing a string of interviews and TV appearances - and is just airing now.  The BBC just keeps on giving and giving!... They've really supported this release with all these interviews and continuous play of the single and multiple tracks from the album... Well done BBC!

"It's a very special programme for Roger Day as he chats to somebody he has always wanted to interview. Stevie Nicks joins us to talk about recording her new album with David A. Stewart plus gives an insight into life in Fleetwood Mac. "