Thursday, July 21, 2011

Have a question for Stevie Nicks? details here...

‎(Dan) I'll be talking with Stevie Nicks later today...she plays Red Rocks in August. During the interview it would be swell to ask some questions you might have for Stevie. Please submit them here and I'll let you know when you can log onto and hear the interview!

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Anonymous said...

Not on Facebook. Have always wanted to know how the live second half of Rhiannon that Stevie has perfromed in concert all these years came about. Was in ever recorded in the studio? Did Lindsey or other members of the Mac want it cut down when it was recorded? Why didn't it get done as the whole song? Have heard live versions of Buckingham Nicks tour and even then she had the second half of the song. I've always wanted to know the story behind how the song got cut and have never in 35 years heard on intervierer ask her that. I love the old live versions where she tears it up in the second half of the song.

Anonymous said...

Did Christine McVie ever give you any advice when you first joined Fleetwood Mac since she had been a woman in the rock world for a number of years? Thank you so much!

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