Monday, July 04, 2011

BBC Radio Kent - Roger Day Interviews Stevie Nicks

Earlier today (or this evening if you are in the UK), Roger Day interviewed Stevie Nicks "His favourite Rock Lady" on his BBC Radio Kent program... The show is now available to re-listen to HERE. The interview starts at about 38:27 with "Secret Love" played first.

The interview was obviously taped when she was at the BBC in the UK during the month of June doing a string of interviews and TV appearances - and is just airing now.  The BBC just keeps on giving and giving!... They've really supported this release with all these interviews and continuous play of the single and multiple tracks from the album... Well done BBC!

"It's a very special programme for Roger Day as he chats to somebody he has always wanted to interview. Stevie Nicks joins us to talk about recording her new album with David A. Stewart plus gives an insight into life in Fleetwood Mac. "

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