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Friday, April 25, 2014

Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" Producer Ken Caillat coming to Charlotte and Salisbury, NC

Ken Caillat will be at Park Road Books located at 4139 Park Road, Charlotte, NC on Wednesday, May 7th at 7:00pm. Drop in... Grab the book and get it signed by one of the producers of "Rumours"!

Ken will also be at Catawba College in Salisbury, NC on Thursday, May 8th.

Speaking of Ken... He ran into John McVie yesterday and said that John looked great and said it was nice to have Christine's energy back in the group!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fleetwood Mac Producer Ken Caillat Possibly Prepping "Tusk" book... Looking for Photos.

Ken Caillat posted on the "Rumours (the book)" Facebook page the following message.

"In preparation for my possible Tusk book, I trying to find as many pics from the tusk era of the band in or out of the studio, in restaurants, partying, etc. if you have them and we use them we'll pay for them!!" 

Ken wrote a book the Making of Rumours that came out in April, 2012 to coincide with the 35th Anniversary of the album... and looks to be prepping to do the same on "Tusk"...

Curious... with Tusk being a double album, will the book be double the size?

Check out Rumours (the book) on Facebook

Sunday, April 14, 2013

April 25th - The Soundtrack Series welcomes Fleetwood Mac Producer Ken Caillat to The Gallery

Ken Caillat will make an appearance at The Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge - 158 Bleecker St, New York, NY on Thursday, April 25th at 8pm.  The Soundtrack Series produced and hosted by Dana Rossi on the fourth Thursday of every month will feature Ken speaking about his book "Making Rumours - The Inside story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac Album", which chronicles his experience as co-producer in the studio with Fleetwood Mac during the creation of  1977's "Rumours".  Get the "Making Rumours" book, bring it along and Ken will be happy to sign your copy.

Advance Tickets to this engagement can be purchased on-line at Le Poisson Rouge.  Tickets are $5 in advance, with day of tickets at $8.  

The Soundtrack Series (Website)
The Soundtrack Series (Facebook)
Le Poisson Rouge (Website)
The Gallery at LPR (Facebook)
Making Rumours (Website)
Rumours - The Book (Facebook)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Michael Shelley Interview with Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" Producer Ken Caillat! on WFMU [Podcast]

Michael Shelley Radio Show 
July 14, 2012 - WFMU 91.1 FM
Interview with Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" Producer Ken Caillat!

Michael Shelley's playlist, including the interview, includes the Fleetwood mac tunes listed below, most of which can only be found on the reissued and remastered Rumours and Tusk double CD's that were released in 2004.  Re-listen to the show HERE.

4 or 5 Left Over Christine McVie Solo Tunes from
 In The Meantime
A REALLY interesting portion of the interview is when Michael Shelley mentions Fleetwood Mac getting back together in 2013 and asks Ken if they will make a new album and if they were would he be interested in being a part of that.. Ken said, yes he would and that he called Mick Fleetwood, then Ken backed-up abit and said he was talking to Christine a few months ago, she called him to say she enjoyed his book and how he portrayed her in it and that it put passion back in the music for her.  Ken said he then asked Christine why she wasn't playing anymore and she said she gets bored, her hands play the same things etc.  He then went on to tell Michael that he produced Christine's last solo album (In The Meantime) back in 2005 and that he still has the tracks from that, and that there are 4 or 5 tracks off the album that were never used... So when he was talking to Mick, Ken suggested that the band replace the parts on the tracks with Bass parts by John, Guitar by Lindsey and Drums with Mick... and get Stevie and Lindsey on the background tracks... and that would be the first Fleetwood Mac group song(s)!  Christine would love to do it said Ken... Mick said it was a good idea, but the problem is getting everyone to agree to it, and Ken just left it at that...

How exciting would that be??  This is the perfect solution as far as I'm concerned... I've always thought that if Fleetwood Mac were to record again, there's no reason why Christine couldn't participate in the album. SOMEONE... make this happen!!!

These are the tracks featured in the interview:
Fleetwood Mac Second Hand News (rough mix version)
Fleetwood Mac Think About Me (rough mix)
Fleetwood Mac Blue Letter
Fleetwood Mac Cant Walk Out Of Here (rough version of The Ledge)
Fleetwood Mac Don't Stop (rough mix version)
Fleetwood Mac You Make Loving Fun (rough mix)
Fleetwood Mac Go Your Own Way (rough mix)

"Making Rumours" is available, among other places, on AMAZON and visit Rumours The Book on Facebook or the website makingrumours

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fleetwood Mac: Producer Ken Caillat On 'Making Rumours' - Huffington Post Interview

Fleetwood Mac: Producer Ken Caillat On 'Making Rumours'
By: Debra Ollivier - Huffington Post

Check out the Photo Gallery

Behind every great band there's often great drama, and Fleetwood Mac was no exception. The band marked the 70s with huge hits, including its album Rumours, which produced four top-ten singles, stayed on the charts for 31 weeks, sold over 40 million copies and won a Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1977. But Fleetwood Mac's creativity and rise to stardom was marked by chaos: divorce, infidelity, intense creative struggles, and endless partying, which nearly tore the band apart.

In Making Rumours: The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac Album, Ken Caillat chronicles what went on behind the scenes with band members Christine and John McVie, Mick Fleetwood, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, and how the band overcame obstacles despite adversity. "All of us were in our 20s," says Caillat. "We were young and kind of wide-eyed. Success hadn't struck anyone yet. I actually don't think this book should be called a music book, It's really a success story about personal triumph. And I was really lucky to be there."

Caillat has worked with a number of notable artists, including Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, Herbie Hancock, and his own daughter, Grammy-winning singer Colbie Caillat. (Caillat produced her number one album, Breakthrough.) Making Rumours coincides with the 35th anniversary of the release of Rumours.

Full Interview at Huffington Post

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Videos / Article: Ken Caillat's Truth About Fleetwood Mac's Rumours

In an exclusive interview, GRAMMY-winning producer/engineer discusses Making Rumours, his new book detailing the making of Fleetwood Mac's iconic album.

Stevie apparently did not make an appearance tonight in Sausalito, CA at The Record Plant during Kens's book signing.

Read the full interview and view more videos at

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Meet Ken Caillat in NJ | More Mick Fleetwood in Maui | Lindsey Buckingham May 1st Release

"Songs From The Small Machine - Live In L.A." 
will be available for the first time on Amazon and iTunes as a downloadable mp3 album next Tuesday, May 1st.  16 tracks in total comprise the album. The tracks are identical to the cd version that came with the DVD/CD combo package released last November. Three songs that are on the DVD "Go Insane", "Turn It On" and "Treason" are not included on the cd or this mp3 album. 

Mick Fleetwood once again appeared at Stella Blues on Maui last evening with King Pain aka Rick Vito as Chandu The Genie Giant.

A few photos from the night from big Fleetwood Mac fan Ron Emery can be found here:  Photo 1 | Photo 2 | Photo 3

Check out the King Paris website for photos and a sample of the album plus the Facebook page.
Ken Caillat will be at Northvale Square Shopping Center June 8th signing his new book "Making Rumours: The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac Album"

Books & Greetings
Start: 06/08/2012 7:00 pm
271 Livingston Street
Northvale, NJ 07647
Northvale Square Shopping Center

More book signing dates around the US: Making Rumours

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

@KenCaillat Interview on Blog Talk Radio - Wednesday April 18th

Juneau & Xena's Salon
Making of Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours"

April 18th at 10-11PM EST on Blog Talk Radio:

Their guest Wednesday tonight is Ken Caillat, who just published "Making Rumours", his memoir about co-producing Fleetwood Mac's landmark, 40-million selling Grammy-winning album. Ken will be sharing the full story of what really went into making Rumours.

Tune in!

Ken's new book "Making Rumours" is out now!

Saturday, April 07, 2012

New York Post: Rumour mill: Making Rumours The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac Album by Ken Caillat

Rumour mill
A producer dishes on Fleetwood Mac’s brutal creativity

Making Rumours
The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac Album
by Ken Caillat with Steven Stiefel

While recording the mellow rock hit “You Make Loving Fun,” Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham laid down solo after solo, feeling himself on a roll. When the studio tracks were used up, he needed to record over solos he had previously played.

At one point, he told the engineer, Ken Caillat, to tape over a solo that Caillat had thought was a pretty sweet take.

“Are you sure?” Caillat asked. “That was really great.”
A frustrated Buckingham shouted at him, “No! Go over it!”

They replaced that solo with a new one, and then Buckingham asked Caillat to play the one from before. When reminded that they had just recorded over it — at Buckingham’s request — the volatile guitarist lost his mind.

Full Article at the New York Post

New Book available Now

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Explosive Ken Caillat Interview: Famed Fleetwood Mac Producer Recounts Turmoil

Ken Caillat interview with Melissa Parker - Smashinginterviews

I clipped a few segments... Some of it not so positive towards Fleetwood Mac and it's members...

Famed Fleetwood Mac Producer Recounts the Turmoil and Triumphs of ‘Rumours’

"Were the band members asked to participate?
I got a call back from the management, and he said, “Lindsey might write his own book, so he has asked the band not to support you and the book.” They basically said, “No. We’re not going to do the book.” 

"Christine McVie has read the book now, and she told me that she loved it. Christine said that I brought passion back into the music for her and brought back so many memories. She’s the only real sweetheart in the group. The rest of them are all fighting with each other."

Christine might’ve given you an interview to use in the book.
"Right. But, Fleetwood Mac is a very complex group. I talked to Warner Bros. the other day. I was working on footage for the enhanced book and they used the “F” word, saying, “You know, Fleetwood Mac is just a nightmare."

"At the time, Christine said she would definitely do an interview. Then, she asked if anyone else in the band had given one. I said, “Well, honestly, no. Lindsey said he didn’t want them doing it because he said he might want one day to do a book himself.” Christine said, “I don’t want to go against anybody else.”

"There was no responsibility for anybody to take care of anybody else, but they are rich and some of the people like Judy Wong … she was found in her apartment after being dead for a week. Judy did everything for Christine McVie and the band, and for her not to be given whatever she needed … she died toothless. "

"Ray Lindsey, a roadie, works for Conan. He said, “Ken, I’m kind of haunted by this. I feel like I want to write a book to tell about it and to get the demons out of my head.” Richard said that they’ve pretty much abandoned him. He would work for Lindsey three years straight without getting a check. He just took advantage of him. So, Richard, being a pretty sensitive guy, just sold and gave away every piece of Fleetwood Mac memorabilia he had."

"I used to be able to call Mick or Stevie directly, but now I get someone else who answers and says, “Who’s this? Oh yeah, you’re the guy from 20 years ago.” 

"Do you know of any plans for Fleetwood Mac to reunite for a tour?"
"Nope. I don’t think so. I did a Christine McVie album in 2003, and I suggested that before Fleetwood Mac ever goes on the next tour maybe they should go into the studio and record a few songs from Christine’s 2005 album. It would be really great because it would be the first Fleetwood Mac/Christine songs in a long time, and it would break through to the radio."

"Christine loved the idea. But, who knows? I told that to Mick, but he has no power over anybody. If Stevie thinks that Lindsey thought of something first, she’ll say ‘no,’ and vice versa. They could be doing so well, you know? If they had only listened to me, they could be doing so well. They’re just people. They have ups and downs, and quite honestly, they’re all down now. They could make a lot of people happy if they’d just cut the crap and just be human beings, not anything special."

"They’re not friggin’ special, and their crap stinks like everybody else’s, goddamit! They need to just get it through their heads. They need to knock it off and just be real. Nobody gets to put anybody down with power trips."

"I got a message on Facebook saying, “I love this book. Would you please write Tusk?” I actually started writing Tusk. I’m only about ten pages in, but I’m not sure I’m really that excited about doing it because it’s going to be a little more negative than this one. I think this book is pretty light with a loving look at music."

Read the full interview at Smashinginterviews

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ken Caillat - Fleetwood Mac "Rumours" Producer Book Signing Events

Fleetwood Mac producer Ken Caillat has a couple of book signing events scheduled for April to coincide with the release of his new book "Making Rumours The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac Album" out on hardcover in April, 2012.

Ebook edition NOW available via:

Pre-order the hardcover on: 

Book Soup Book Signing
When: Thursday, April 26, 7pm – 8pm
Where: 8818 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, Ca

[Date Change]
Sausalito Record Plant Book Signing
When: Saturday, May 5th
Where: Sausalito Record Plant

Making Rumours on the web
Making Rumours on Facebook

Saturday, February 25, 2012

One on One with Ken Caillat - Fleetwood Mac Producer - NEW Book out in April

Kat Pat & Guest Cohost Tanya have a one on one conversation with Ken Caillat.
Ken Caillat, Grammy winning co-producer of the 1977 Fleetwood Mac Rumours Album, is now the Author of what really went into making Rumours—from the endless partying and relationship dramas to the creative struggles to write and record "You Make Loving Fun," "Don't Stop," "Go Your Own Way," "The Chain," and other timeless tracks.

Check out the interview/call in show from earlier today here

The book will be out in April - Pre-order through Amazon

Listen to internet radio with KatPat on Blog Talk Radio

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Date Change: One on One Conversation with Fleetwood Mac Producer Ken Caillat

Ken Caillat, Grammy winning co-producer of the 1976 Fleetwood Mac's Rumours album, is now the Author of what really went into making Rumours—from the endless partying and relationship dramas to the creative struggles to write and record "You Make Loving Fun," "Don't Stop," "Go Your Own Way," "The Chain," and other timeless tracks.

DATE CHANGED TO SATURDAY FEB 25th @ 10:00 am PST, 12 noon CEN 1:00 pm EST 

Join Kat Pat & Cohost Tanya Sunday, February 19, 2012 12:00PM as they have a one on one conversation with Ken Caillat.  As always, chat room will be open 45 min prior to show and calls accepted from the fans.


Facebook Event Page
Ken Caillat bio

Pre-Order Making Rumours on Amazon

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

RUMOURS Track by Track with Ken Caillat... Reflects on 35th Anniversary

Fleetwood Mac's classic album Rumours track-by-track
Producer Ken Caillat reflects on 35th anniversary

"Records like Rumours don't happen anymore," says Ken Caillat, who along with Richard Dashut and Fleetwood Mac produced the 1977 mega album that has sold a mind-boggling 44 million copies. "We spent a year and a lot of hell working on it. Lives were changed, people changed, everything became different. Something like Rumours could never happen these days. A record label would have shut us down after two weeks."

The soap opera that attended the making of Rumours has been extensively documented - married band members John and Christine McVie broke up, as did lovers Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks; even Mick Fleetwood's marriage dissolved, as well - and Caillat confirms that 1976 was a wild ride. "There were fights, breakups, drinking, drugs... We all indulged in substances. But I had to be a therapist and record producer. When everything was insane, I had to be sane. If there was a rule book, nobody game me one."

Although 1975's self-titled release was rising up the charts during the making of Rumours, Caillat says that the band was still learning how to play together. "Basically, you had two teams: Christine, John and Mick, the three Brits, were pros, and the two Americans, Lindsey and Stevie, had their shorthand, but they were still new to the group. During the making of Rumours, they became a real band, one that was very intuitive, musically and otherwise.”

This intuition lent itself to songwriting. Rather than work with demos, the group's principle writers - Buckingham, Nicks and Christine McVie - would present live fragments of ideas for the group to build work on. "Richard and I had to capture light in a bottle," says Caillat. "The band would be tuning up, and before you knew it, a song was going down. John and Mick would hear something, they'd start playing, and we had to react fast. That kind of creativity doesn't happen these days - it's frowned upon. In 2012, a band has to have a committee approve their songs. Can you imagine Fleetwood Mac making Rumours under such conditions?"

Released on 4 February 1977, Rumours hit like a meteor, permanently altering the landscape of all involved. "Like Richard Dashut, I went from being a mid-level engineer to a Grammy-winning producer in one year," says Caillat. "The record was like Jaws and Star Wars combined. Everybody saw those movies, and everybody during that time bought a copy of Rumours."

In his forthcoming book, Making Rumours: The Inside Story Of The Classic Fleetwood Mac Album, Ken Caillat and Steve Stiefel recount the producer's year behind the glass in brilliant, page-turning detail. "It's amazing how everything came flooding back to me once I started the book," says Caillat. "It's one thing to remember cutting a number one song, but to think about what I was wearing that same day, that's incredible.

"But that's the kind of record Rumours is: You remember your first time hearing it. You even remember where you were when when you heard it. Not every album has that power. This one does. I was just lucky to be a part of it."

On the following pages, Ken Caillat takes a track-by-track look back at Rumours. To order his book, Making Rumours: The Inside Story Of The Classic Fleetwood Mac Album, click here.

Full Article at MusicRadar

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Book: Making Rumours: The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac Album

[Updated January 14, 2012]  The Book Cover was released

Making Rumours: 
The Inside Story of the Classic Fleetwood Mac Album
Release date set for April 12, 2012 on the NEW book written by "Rumours" producer Ken Caillat with Steve Stiefel...

Hardcover | 400 pages

Got a question for Ken about the book?... Rumours?... or anything else... Ken will happily answer what he can on the Facebook site set up for the book launch.  Check it out and ask away... He's a cool guy! 

Fleetwood Mac′s classic 1977 Rumours album topped the Billboard 200 for thirty–one weeks and won the Album of the Year Grammy. More recently, Rolling Stone named it the 25th greatest album of all time and the hit TV series Glee devoted an entire episode to songs from Rumours, introducing it to a new generation. Now, for the first time, Ken Caillat, the album′s co–producer, tells the full story of what really went into making Rumours—from the endless partying and relationship dramas to the creative struggles to write and record "You Make Lovin′ Fun", "Don′t Stop", "Go Your Own Way", "The Chain", and other timeless tracks.
  • Tells the fascinating, behind–the–music story of the making of Fleetwood Mac′s Rumours, written by the producer who saw it all happen.
  • Filled with new and surprising details, such as Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham′s screaming match while recording "You Make Lovin′ Fun", how the band coped with the pressures of increasing success, how the master tape nearly disintegrated, and the incredible attention paid to even the tiniest elements of songs, from Lindsey playing a chair and to Mick breaking glass.
  • Includes eighty black–and–white photographs.
Pre-order through Wiley  | AmazonUK  | AmazonUS

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Rumours The Book by Fleetwood Mac Producer Ken Caillat - Now on Facebook...Here are the details

by Ken Caillat

The Inside Story of the Fleetwood Mac album that defined an era. 
Making Rumours tells the story of that year of creating this album: the infighting, pain, spectacle and excess of a star-crossed, storm-tossed band, and how all that tumult and tragedy was distilled into the grooves of one of the greatest rock-and-roll albums of all time.

Rumours got its name from the incessant media gossip that surrounded its making, but all the gossip — past and present — has been just that: gossip. Outsiders have tried and failed to tell this story, but a true insider is telling it now for the first time. My name is Ken Caillat, and I am the album’s Grammy-winning producer. In the book, Making Rumours, I chronicle the creation of the record, giving a behind-the-scenes account of the people who experienced it: the band members and producers; their lovers and friends; their roadies and security guards; the record execs and lawyers; and everyone else who was lucky enough to be along for the ride as we made the album.

Ken Caillat has started a Facebook page for his soon to be published book and has so far posted a couple of excerpts from the introduction and Chapater 1.  Please help support this effort by heading on over to the "Rumours The Book" Facebook page and hit the "Like" button up top.  It is my understanding that the book doesn't have a publisher yet.  Maybe with some Fleetwood Mac fan community support we can bring some awareness to his project and help get the attention of a publisher to get the book published.  

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Fleetwood Mac Album Producer Sues HarperCollins For Breach of Contract

"Starting Rumours" Has Hit A Snag!

Ken Caillat is best known in the music business as the man who produced Fleetwood Mac's 1977 album Rumours, one of the best-selling rock records of all time.

That credential in turn garnered him a $555,000 advance from HarperCollins' It Books imprint to write Starting Rumours, an oral history of the making of that record, which the publisher won at auction from Caillat's agent Peter McGuigan of Foundry Media. But last month, Caillat filed suit against the publisher in Ventura County Superior Court alleging that he was rightfully owed his entire advance, and that HarperCollins had breached their contract by not paying him for a manuscript they rejected, and did not sufficiently explain why they rejected it.

Full Article

Complaint (via Courthouse News) - PDF File

Thursday, January 28, 2010


With Mick Fleetwood and Colbie Caillat set to present awards in the pre-telecast Grammy awards ceremony this Sunday, and with Stevie Nicks being reported as a "surprise" performer on the big show... I'm sure Ken, Mick and Stevie will get a chance to see one another that night...


Singer COLBIE CAILLAT reduced her producer father KEN to tears when she asked him to attend Sunday's (31Jan10) Grammy Awards as her date.

Ken Caillat is no stranger to the music industry, having produced Fleetwood MAC's 1977 album Rumours, but he was so flattered when his pop star daughter invited him to the prestigious event, he struggled to contain his emotions.

She tells People magazine, "He's really excited about it. He's been involved with this record and my music career the entire time, so I just knew it would mean a lot to him.
"He got all teary-eyed when I asked him to be my date. It was so cute!"

But Caillat, who is nominated for four Grammys including Best Pop Vocal Album for Breakthrough, admits she has an ulterior motive - she wants her dad to boost her self esteem if her nerves get the better of her.

She adds, "I'm sure (on the night) he'll remind me of how great I am. You know how parents are!"
The 52nd Grammy Awards will take place at Los Angeles' Staples Center.