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Saturday, April 02, 2011


What a Great Way To Start a Saturday! 
The Oprah Show in it's Farewell Season will be taping a show on April 8th in Chicago which will include a "special appearance" by Stevie Nicks.

Sheri Salata Executive Producer for The Oprah Show absolutely confirmed via her Twitter account  this morning that Stevie would be making a "special appearance" and that the show is scheduled to air on April 13th. HOW AMAZING IS THIS!  Perfect timing for the taping as the day after on April 9th Stevie is to hit the stage with Rod Stewart at The United Center.

Over the course of the last week or so, various sites and Twitter posts from fans contacted by the Oprah show confirming their invite to the show in April pretty confirmed Stevie would be there... but until you get the final confirmation, you never really know. 

Facebook and Twitter no doubt played a BIG part in making this happen - all started by RealSteveGains on Twitter in his relentless pursuit to get Stevie on during the farewell season - also helped along by the Facebook community: Get Stevie Nicks on Oprah: The Farewell Season  WELL DONE STEVE and THE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY!

Back on March 19th Sheri Salata posted on Twitter that RealSteveGains pleas have not gone unheard, and that good news was to come on this she hoped... On March 22nd news surfaced that The Oprah Show was looking for Stevie's ultimate fans and put the question out there "Are You Stevie's # 1 Fan" via her website.  I can only imagine the number of essay's received in response to Oprahs call.

Matt Denison a Canadian fan from the Ottawa area of Ontario was contacted by The Oprah Show wanting to hear more about his story after he submitted his desire to be on the show... CBC in Canada, the national broadcaster also contacted Matt after his story was given to the CBC.  They featured his story on radio and in print "Oprah staff contact Ottawa Stevie Nicks Megafan"  Matt also started a Facebook Page: Get Matt on the Oprah Show

The show format for this taping and how it's going to be presented isn't entirely known... There's speculation that Salt N Pepa and Sister Sledge will also be appearing.  Pat Benatar confirmed via her Facebook Page that she was headed to Chicago to appear on the show (no other specifics given)... It's obviously a Women in Music focus... We'll have to wait and see. Exciting times and perfect timing for promoting Stevie's new album "In Your Dreams" on shelves May 3rd... Maybe they could hold off the airing of the show for a date closer to the release date to keep it fresh in peoples minds... In any case, it's great to see this finally happen for Steve, Matt and for all the fans of Stevie Nicks that submitted their essays and were accepted.  Oprah's studio audience is not large so you are truly lucky if you were chosen to attend Stevie's first appearance on Oprah!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oprah staff contact Ottawa Stevie Nicks Megafan

Producers for The Oprah Winfrey Show are all ears about an Ottawa man's campaign to share his story about how his favourite singer changed his life.

Matthew Denison e-mailed the show, imploring them to feature former Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks as a guest on the influential TV host's final season.

When Winfrey's staff wrote back to the 30-year-old, saying they were interested and wanted to hear more from him, Denison was thrilled.

"When I e-mailed the producer, I took a picture of myself with all my collection on my parents' dining room table," he said. "Everything that I've acquired thus far in about 11 years that I've been a superfan."
'Inspiring and powerful' songs
It was Nicks's music, particularly her 1986 single Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You, that Denison credits to helping him through low times.

He and his twin brother both struggled with learning disabilities, stuttering, seizures, making friends and landing jobs. But the messages in her songs, he said, helped him carry on.

"A lot of her songs are very inspiring and powerful, and it makes you definitely feel positive about yourself," he said.

Oprah's website has now posted a call-out requesting submissions from Nicks's fans to tell producers about why they'd like to meet the musician.

Together with his older sister, Leanne, Denison has now mounted an online campaign through Facebook to rally more people behind him and his story.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OPRAH WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU! Are You An Ultimate Stevie Nicks Fan??

[updated April 3rd]
Sheri Salata - Oprah Show Exec. Producer on April 2nd, confirmed Stevie's appearance:
Stevie Nicks is scheduled to be on The Oprah Show April 13th. The show is scheduled to be taped on April 8th while Stevie is in Chicago about to play the United Center with Rod Stewart.

Are you Stevie Nicks' #1 fan?
Are you an ultimate Stevie Nicks fan? Would it be a dream of yours to meet Stevie in person? Did you want to grow up and be like her? How did her music make a difference in your life? Did one of her songs help you through a tough time? Or does a specific song remind you of happier moments? Do you know all the lyrics to her songs, have all of her albums and make it a priority to see her in concert when she comes to your town? Is one song of hers in particular your life anthem?

If you or someone you know is a HUGE fan of Stevie Nicks then The Oprah Winfrey Show would like to hear from you! 

Please tell us why you consider yourself or someone you know the ultimate Stevie fan. Please include a recent photo and only respond if you are willing to appear on national television.

Go on over to the Oprah website... and fill in your details... I know you want to!!

OPRAH [link to tell your story to Oprah]