Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OPRAH WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU! Are You An Ultimate Stevie Nicks Fan??

[updated April 3rd]
Sheri Salata - Oprah Show Exec. Producer on April 2nd, confirmed Stevie's appearance:
Stevie Nicks is scheduled to be on The Oprah Show April 13th. The show is scheduled to be taped on April 8th while Stevie is in Chicago about to play the United Center with Rod Stewart.

Are you Stevie Nicks' #1 fan?
Are you an ultimate Stevie Nicks fan? Would it be a dream of yours to meet Stevie in person? Did you want to grow up and be like her? How did her music make a difference in your life? Did one of her songs help you through a tough time? Or does a specific song remind you of happier moments? Do you know all the lyrics to her songs, have all of her albums and make it a priority to see her in concert when she comes to your town? Is one song of hers in particular your life anthem?

If you or someone you know is a HUGE fan of Stevie Nicks then The Oprah Winfrey Show would like to hear from you! 

Please tell us why you consider yourself or someone you know the ultimate Stevie fan. Please include a recent photo and only respond if you are willing to appear on national television.

Go on over to the Oprah website... and fill in your details... I know you want to!!

OPRAH [link to tell your story to Oprah]


Todd Shear said...

Hello Oprah!!!! I'm a huge Stevie Nicks fan! Would I say I'm the ultimate Stevie Nicks fan, maybe not. I'ts not like I'm walking around in platform boots, shawls and carrying a tamborine, but not a day goes by that I don't listen to her music for some peace and inspiration, I have every cd and video, I've been to countless concerts, I probably know the lyrics to all of her songs and I drive my poor wife and son nuts with Stevie Nicks!

This is my Stevie story:

Her music has been there for me since I was 8 years old. In 1977 I heard the Fleetwood Mac song Dreams on the radio for the first time. That voice and her music has helped guide me through the good and the bad times of my life ever since. I would escape an extremely verbally and physically abusive childhood by shutting myself up in my bedroom, turning up the Stevie tunes and drawing (most of the time doing drawings of Stevie).

Her music was played at my wedding and helped guide me through a very troubling time of taking care of the mother that abused me so when she was diagnosed with HUNTINGTONS DISEASE. Stevie Nicks and her music has inspired me more than she could ever know. To me she is a shinging light from elsewhere that brings joy and happiness to those who love her music and persona. When I hear Stevie's music or see her on TV I become that young teenage boy that was mesmerized so many years ago all over again.

Prel "the Dove" Latourette (aka Ricky Pilcher) said...

I consider myself to be an ultimate Stevie Nicks fan! I absolutely love her! However, I am not one to wish to meet someone that I love and admire so much only one time and them never see or hear from them again... I'm not interested in that. But, no one is a bigger fan than I am and...to be honest, no one sounds more like Stevie Nicks than I do. That isn't braggin' !

Prel the Dove

Anonymous said...

i will love to see stevienicks in person because she is great and love all her music.i went through brain tumor and breast cancer. gloriaterry

mark roberts said...

oprah please let my mom meet her in psrson because she is a big fan of her and been through alot .she is going to rod stewart and stevie nicks heart&soul tour in april 5 in philadelphia.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm having problems posting on this blog. Anonymous is the only way I could post. My name is Lori Burge. I have spent many hours trying to get stevie on oprah and now to be stevies # 1 fan. I may not be # 1 in material terms. Yes I have all her music, videos, peosters etc. I had a stevie room but had to make room for my babies when they came along. So now my stuff is packed in boxes...I have loved stevie since I first heard landslide almost 38 yrs ago when I was nine. I've loved her from that moment. Landslide is my first love...the lyrics can the child within my heart rise above has been my mantra. That child finally rose above when I turned 34. I never gave up even when drs. had...So many of her songs have carried me thru dark times and times of light as well. Edge of seventeen is the song to turn do during tragedies..I make stevie fans out of almost everyone. My poor brother had to hear me sing in the basement stairwell for years. Great acoustics. Mr microphone didn't cut it...his room was down there. When he joined the marines he to became a fan her music reminded him of me so he bought it. When he came home after his tour other side of the mirror was out. He finally wanted to go to a show. I kept saying tickets will go on sale any day..He was killed in a motorcycle wreck Oct 1, 1989 tickets went on sale the 2nd. Someone got me tickets and I went. What a hard show. To this day other side of the mirror takes me to that time. Ten years later my husband and I were in a bad wreck. He is now disabled with many injuries to name a few he has brain stem damage and inoperable vertigo. He spins every day of his life. I need to move out of Colorado with no idea how I still have faith and I still have stevies music to pull me through. I have seen her at least 20 times and have only missed two Denver shows in 25 years. I love to dress up like her. Her concerts are like Halloween to me. I have a daughter named after rhiannon a dog named crystal and a Yorky named gypsy...I have been writing songs since I was 9. At two this morning I was inspired by stevie and oprah to write this song I dedicate to 25 yrs of oprah. I hope to put it on u tube soon..Lady O too has been a great inspiration. She has helped guide me to growth spiritually and emotionally. Thanks Oprah for 25 life changing years....

Heart song

There's a heart song
Playing deep inside
It's the secret
To my shining light of gold
It's the seat of the soul

From long ago....
The pillars of the earth
Is where I have stood
Ruled until I gained control
Over his power
I let go
I was set free by the chains
Of abuse
Because of you
And all of your inspirations
So liberating

I'm renewed with strength
And hope
Oh the color purple
Holds the key
To all my memories

A new earth
A new me

In my heart song
Deep inside
Is the secret
To my shining
Light of gold
The seat of my soul....

Thanks ladies for inspiring and shining that powerful light.... I love you


Anonymous said...

This is Lori. From the post above. I love your story. What an amazing stevie warrior you are. I too have a similar childhood story. I locked myself in my room also. To escape the pain I went into a magical kingdom of the music of fleetwood mac and stevie nicks. Listening and singing I discovered I could sing just like her. We have the same tones. I too loved to draw but writing was my gift and stevie has been a major influence. I played stevie and fm at my wedding. My husband has been tortured but he's seen her with me at least 6 times and has waited in line for tickets. What an angel. I get in stevie moods and that's all I play. I have 1 huge regret in life. I had the chance to meet stevie and fleetwood mac and froze in awe. It was the summer of 90. Red rocks.Behind the mask tour. After the show they started filming for save me. Everyone left so they shifted us back and forth. To make the house look packed. I love to tell jokes and john mcvie invited peep to come on stage and tell jokes. I froze, not one joke in mind. Awhile later they invited everyone to greet the band. My friends took off to hug stevie and there I stood. I couldn't move, legs shaking,sweaty palms clutching a tiny photo of me doing dreams as stevie for a boy who needed a kidney transplant at a benefit. Inside was a poem I had wrote to stevie. I still have it. Anyway I am so mad at myself. I got scared to meet stevie. What an idiot. I so wish to have the chance to meet her again. I may need a wheelchair and some oxygen but dang it I won't chicken out.....good luck to you....

Anonymous said...

Ricky I would love to have a singing stevie show down. Bring it lol. Lori

Anonymous said...

Oprah, All I can say is my story is long and I am Stevie's soul in song and spirit sister. When you see this email you will know. I am right for your show and to make my dream come true.
Becki Hilleshiem

Anonymous said...

I would love to meet Stevie,she's such a great singer and performer.I'm her #1 FAN!!!

Anonymous said...

Becki Hilleshiem
PLEASE pick Becki. She so deserves it!


Anonymous said...

some say Becki Hilleshiem is Stevie when they see her walk down the street and she sings and dresses like her.SHE LIVES STEVIE. PICK BECKI HILLESHIEM

Anonymous said...

Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac have provided the soundtrack of my life. Ever since my mom brought home the first Mac album that Stevie first appeared on when I was 13. Since then I've endured many hardships. The loss of my Mom to AIDS, the death of my Dad to heart disease and the suicide of my husband shortly after the birth of our child. Stevie's music was the one constant in my ever changing and rocky world. She provided the ways & means for me to focas, to not give up and to coninue to heal despite all the chaos surrounding & at times drowning me. As a teen I remember thinking to myself "OMG, what will I do if she ever decides to stop making music"? I couldn't imagine my world with her music in it. Her lyrics "Time makes you bolder even children get older and I'm getting older too", resonated so deeply as it reminded me we all have to grow up and face the changes that life brings. Yes, I have all the records, yes I've seen every performance I could get a ticket for and yes I've poured over any written word I could find about the lady. I am currently a singer/songwriter heavily influenced by Ms Nicks in every way. Fashion, melodies, lyrics and stage performance. There is a bit of her in everything I do musically but I am not a copycat by any means. Aren't we all influenced by our hero's by some degree? I would just like the opportunity to meet her and express my gratitude for the sacrfices she made in her life to be a Rock n' Roll Goddess in all of our lives. She got me thru some pretty dark days. I can honestly say Im not sure I'd still be here today if it wasn't for her and for that I am truley grateful.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to beck...To anonymous above. I don't know your name. I'm Lori Burge. Sorry for your losses and what a story. I can so relate to you. I am so glad we have a had stevie to pull us out of the darkness. I to would be lost without her. She and Fleetwood MACs music were All I had during many parts of my life. Memories for every album. This Oprah thing is the ultimate. It blows camping out for tickets AWAY. It's wanting the best Santa clause gift and waiting. It's like not having money for a concert ticket but a million times worse....good luck sister of the moon. Sorry for all the posts but only stevie fans would understand.....

Anonymous said...

Look for my story! You will love it.
Diane Cianfrano

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Today I'm on a journey id like to thank many inspirations for. Above many inspirations will always be my mom and dad. At a young age my mom introduced me to stevie nicks. I would always listen thinking of how much I Liked this new music. My mom Lori Burge would always sing along and I always would think she sounded like stevie a lot my mom is very gifted with this talent to sing. She has inspired me in many ways to become a singer as well. My mom's influence was stevie nicks for many great reasons, for alot of my mom's darker moments in life were always found shining to help my mom with even just slivers of light with the music of stevie nicks. All of her time when her aunt and brother had died it has helped her get out of grief within this all. I've never met my uncle and my mom was very crushed about his death when I first met her at the age of five. Then again I remember how shed listen to the music of stevie and go off to a place as she sang along with it that was away from the sadness of who I would've enjoyed meeting in my life. My mom would always tell me stories of my uncle and their childhood. The music even helped my mom through my dads car accident. It had left my dad disabled for life and it had a a lot of effect on my family especially my mom who started working graveyard shifts at a restraunt .
Momma don't stop your rock n roll It's for letting out all your soul. I believe my mom deserves her chance to get her dream of meeting Stevie Nicks and it would be great as any moment could be for her. Just as other side of the mirror saved much of her grief in earlier years even now. My mom's cool as heck and inspired much of the singing influence I have in my tree of inspirations.

C said...

Oprah, Please pick my friend Becki Hilleshiem. She loves Stevie Nicks. Somehow Stevie Nicks style and message has gotten inside Becki because she feels so connected to her. She has been a fan for over 20 years. Becki is a musician and loves to give of herself and express herself through music. She loves to sing & play. Her style and heart is full of heart like Stevie Nicks, so much so one could say they are soul sisters. Becki has had some tough times and it would make her dreams come true if she were able to meet her.

Anonymous said...

Since I was 10 I have idolized & been inspired by Stevie Nicks because of her power,beauty,femininity,mystical image,voice & her songs.I relate to her songs so strongly & she has always been a source of inspiration & healing.Growing up,my Dad had a sound proof studio in our backyard where I used to spend hours & years singing along with her songs.At 15, I sent her a letter where I cut out a picture of me & glued it next to her backup singer’s picture.Along with this I sent a cassette tape of me singing back up to her songs.My dream was to be her backup singer as I studied & watched her every video & concert.When I was 17 & 18 I used to drive an hour to get my haircut by her hairdresser in a salon which Stevie owned “The Wild Heart”.Like Stevie,I am also a songwriter,singer,guitar & piano player.I have waitressed, been a maid, studied to be an art teacher & have battled with food & drug addiction for most of my life.At 35, my boyfriend & I were in a cover band that had just broken up. Since I loved Stevie so much, I thought it would be fun to create a Fleetwood Mac tribute band. At the time, we actually lived around the block from the studio in Van Nuys where Stevie & Lindsey were discovered by Mick Fleetwood."The Chain" - A Tribute to Fleetwood Mac was created in 2001 & I got to be Stevie, performing at various clubs, theatres & casinos in and out of town.A couple years ago we played a show at The House of Blues in Hollywood & while singing,I realized that I had seen Stevie perform on the very same stage 10 years before & now I was her as people watched me! I have wanted to meet Stevie for so long now.Today is my birthday and what an awesome gift it would be to meet her!Thank you so much for this opportunity to do so.

Annette Anderson said...

My dear Oprah,
Stevie Nicks music represents my youth. Nothing like Fleetwood Mac and other '70's icons to rock hot summer blazing desert sunsets into the night. This year I turn 50 years old and celebrating that with Stevie is coming true, let me tell you why...
I heard about her upcoming concert tour with Rod Stewart. I've never before been able to see her in concert but this special birthday year I decided to do 50 nice things for myself. My husband agreed and we bought tickets for the concert stop in Phoenix in April! Thrilling right?
The day the tickets came in the mail we heard on the radio that Stevie is coming to our city, Albuquerque, in May! What? What luck twice in a month, I jumped up and bought two more tickets! I couldn't be happier.
Then today I saw this note from you on her blog. Well, I cannot resist asking for the chance to meet her in person.
Let me tell you what else...
My dear sweet Mom is turning 75 this year. She too has rocked with hours of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac music in our little house in the southern desert of New Mexico. But what is most important is that she a HUGE FAN OF YOURS Oprah. She has followed you for years, subscribed to the magazine and even got cable when you show was leaving the networks.
Oprah, I know you are in the business of making dreams come true and you would have another chance to do that for two true blue fans of yours and Stevie's!
Both my Mom and I are moving into new phases of our lives. We have watched both of you women move gracefully through the years and set an example for all women to be bold, adventuresome, challenge themselves, grow and thrive. We love you for that!
Meeting you would be the VERY NICEST thing that would happen to us two little desert bunnies.
Please Oprah, call us. I will be waiting by the phone, just believing that you are going to call me and make our birthday dreams come true!

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