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REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac - Orlando, Florida

Fleetwood Mac turns back the clock at Amway Arena
by JimAbbott

When it comes to nostalgia, Fleetwood Mac’s "Unleashed" tour occupies the same neighborhood as the Eagles latest reunion trek.  Like the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac reliably delivered a boatload of vintage hits in a generous 2 hours and 20 minutes on Monday at Amway Arena.

Unleashed, however, implies a sense of abandon and risk that Fleetwood Mac doesn’t reach that often. Instead, band members Mick Fleetwood, Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks and John McVie offer a combination of precision and pacing. 

It’s a decent trade. 
With keyboardist Christine McVie now retired from the band, it was pretty much the Buckingham-Nicks show. Although the duo harmonizes as well as ever on the signature songs, it was hard for longtime fans not to miss the sweetness of McVie’s voice in the mix. A trio of backing vocalists and two additional musicians added texture to the hits.

And there wasn’t any shortage of them: "The Chain," "Dreams" "Gypsy," "Rhiannon," "Second Hand News," "Say You Love Me," "Go Your Own Way." Hearing them again, for those of a certain age, is as much a reminder of a bygone radio era as the band’s formidable catalog.

At age 60 (!), Nicks is still a mystical presence, even if she mostly stands in silhouette with her beaded capes instead of doing those spins.

Buckingham, at the same age, remains an under-appreciated guitarist capable of intricate acoustic picking and fiery rock-star heroics.

His creative abuse of an electric guitar in "I’m So Afraid" and other solos offered the best justification for that "unleashed" title.

Nicks and Buckingham were pretty chatty, too. She introduced "Gypsy" by explaining that "there are many meanings to a song, not just one." He aptly described "Second Hand News" as a song that dealt with the band’s fractious personal relationships "with a lot of humor, a lot of optimism and certainly a lot of aggression."

In a rare departure from the familiar arrangements, the band offered slight twist on "Never Going Back Again," slowing it down into a moodier ballad.

The Nicks-Buckingham chemistry ignited sparks in that song, a lovely version of "Landslide" and in "Sara," when she gently rested her head on his shoulder.

At such moments, when it was evident how much of the band’s history was tied up in the music, nostalgia just wasn’t enough to cover it.

A few back-of-the-notebook observations out of Monday's Fleetwood Mac concert at Amway Arena.

1.) The band did an admirable job of filling the place. Except for a few pockets of empty seats in the back of the lower bowl, it was pretty much packed. Don't want to shatter anyone's illusions, but this was an older crowd. Some people on the floor looked to be in the Engelbert demographic. Was that '70s really that long ago?

2.) This crowd still knows how to party. Reason? Occasional scent of marijuana floating in the air in my lower-bowl section. You don't catch a whiff of that too often at arena concerts anymore.

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REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac: A Huge Surprise!

by John R. Kasich

My friends know that I get juiced up to see a really good concert. Last night in Columbus, however, I walked into Nationwide Arena for the Fleetwood Mac show not really sure if I wanted to be there. I went in with low expectations. I knew that Stevie Nicks is an icon and that Mick Fleetwood is a great drummer, but I still did not have high hopes going in. I’ve seen too many bands who are past their prime simply go through the motions, while charging big bucks just to get into the building.

All that I can say is that I was wrong. It was a humble performance — the band refused to rest on their laurels. They played with full emotion, letting it all out and the crowd responded accordingly. The band had three encores and I still wish they had come out just one more time. This wasn’t another nostalgic performance — it was a perfect rock show.

Most impressive was Lindsey Buckingham’s guitar performance. Throughout the concert, he showed with each note why he is such a great musician. By the end of the show, he was sweating so much that I have no idea how he has the energy to preform several times a week. In my eyes, Buckingham was the star of an incredible show.

I have spent all day wondering how I could have been so wrong going in. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and am grateful I didn’t follow my instincts on this one.

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac Live in Cleveland - "Is This What Rock Has come To?"

By Aaron Mendelsohn
Fleetwood Mac Live in Cleveland April 17, 2009

Throughout Fleetwood Mac’s Friday-night greatest-hits concert, one thing kept running through my head: Is this what rock has come to? With no album to promote, Fleetwood Mac is on the road for the first time in five years, with everyone in tow from the classic lineup except Christine McVie, and charging close to $200 per ticket while much of the country struggles. It partly felt like a slap in the face — even though tour was probably planned long before the economy tumbled — but the size of the crowd (the arena was about 40 percent empty) spoke volumes about the situation.

Had Fleetwood Mac and the promoters lowered the ticket price when sales were sluggish, the response and energy in the arena could have been momentous. Instead, the two-and-a-half-hour performance seemed like an aging band going through the motions during one more money grab.

That's not to say the music wasn’t provoking at times. Lindsey Buckingham is still a tremendous presence onstage, ripping through guitar solos with the vibrant energy needed to carry Stevie Nicks’s contrived effort. His primal, raw emotion during “Big Love,” alone onstage with just his acoustic guitar, was brilliant. As was his finger picking on “Oh Well,” the lone song played from the band’s Peter Green era.

Nicks, on the other hand, sounded sluggish on many songs, more concerned with her wardrobe changes (I think there were four) than charging the audience with her voice. When she wanted to, she could still deliver, hitting all the right notes on “The Chain” and beautifully singing an acoustic “Landslide” with Buckingham on guitar. But she seemed disengaged most of the time, which affected the entire performance.

Unfortunately, Mick Fleetwood’s big moment came late in the concert with a raucous drum solo in the middle of “World Turning.” Always the entertainer and looking a lot like St. Nick, Fleetwood’s solo managed to spark the show before the rest of the band returned for a lackluster “Don’t Stop.” —Aaron Mendelsohn

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JUNE 13, 2009

Fmlegacy.com is reporting that Fleetwood Mac will be in Atlantic City, NJ 
June 13, 2009 at Boardwalk Hall.

No citation or source is mentioned.


Fleetwood Mac in Columbus - It was a great concert!
by Jeff

I would not say that I am a die hard F.M. fan but I really enjoyed the show last night. Those folks can still shake the rafters and sound good while doing it! We were in section 102, row Y at the Nationwide Arena among a full house of fans. We must have been in front of a bank of speakers because the decibels were really cranking.

I have to say that Lindsey Buckingham's pickless style of guitar playing was really impressive... I wonder if he would help on my third Neptune song? Hold on... Let's publish the second Neptune song first! Lindsey broke out and really played some great solo guitar sometimes banging on the guitar and looked like he was very pleased after the song was finished from the expressions on his face.

Let's say mick fleetwood can really play the drums as I was looking forward to the Tusk song which has a unique drum pattern. I did not realize how well Mick could play as I am not a avid fan of F.M. Do you want to beat on Mick's virtual drum kit? See http://www.mickfleetwood.com/MFleetwood_project/menu_movie.htm and click on 'virtual Drumming" link. You can just move the mouse over the drum elements or press the number keys. The bass drum is key #3 and is my favorite. The cow bell is there but you can't click on it :>(

The rhythm section was not complete until we talk about the tightness between Mick and bassist John McVie. What is the matter John McVie? You need a website?

It was great to see Stevie Nicks live for the first time, too! I've seen her in videos but never live. Stevie was awesome! She has a unique flowing way about her while she is performing? Watching her eyes makes you wonder if she is really there but she sounded great. Someone in the front row area was trying to hand her a bouquet of flowers during the whole show. Finally, Lindsey picked them up and handed them to Stevie towards the end of the show.

Some of my favorites they played:

Second Hand News
Gold Dust Woman
Oh Well
Stand Back
Go Your Own way

They finished the show with Silver Springs after the second Encore.

What a show it was! Tickets were $160 each with the Ticket Master fee, Oh Well.

Until next time...


Mick Fleetwood "Unleashed" in New Jersey Fleetwood Mac


Lindsey's "Tusk Like" Wardrobe Change - Columbus, OH April 18, 2009


Lindsey Sports New Duds at the Columbus show.... Very TUSK like!

STEVIE NICKS' Acid Trip... Without the Acid!




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REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac Columbus April 18, 2009

Band's history creates winning night of hits


Fleetwood Mac led a packed Nationwide Arena Saturday night in perhaps the biggest, loudest singalong heard in Columbus in some time. Touring with no album newer than 2003's Say You Will and the vast majority of its material more than 20 years old, the group was clearly out to play the hits-and maybe make a buck.

With singer-songwriter Christine McVie no longer on board, the weight was more than ever on Lindsey Buckingham to play ringmaster over the famously disparate elements of the band. He said the four members agreed to "just go out there and have fun."

Augmented by five other instrumentalists and singers, they delivered on the promise. Buckingham was clearly the MVP, never leaving the stage for the more-than two-hour show and working up a sweat while singing and banging on his guitar.

He made songs such as Monday Morning, Go Your Own Way and his own Go Insane hard-driving and precise pop. He led the band in a dynamically delivered version of the strange Tusk.

It was plain from the beginning, though, that the killer rhythm section of Mick Fleetwood on drums and John McVie on bass-the namesake and only constant thread in the 40-plus year band saga-are still the foundation of its sound.

Distinctive as the two were when the band played blues in the 1960s, they lent their stamp last night to The Chain and many more hits.

Buckingham mentioned the group's famed romantic entanglements. Last night that was evident as he and Stevie Nicks stood at opposite ends of the stage while the video screen artificially brought them within inches for dramatic effect.

More than once Buckingham carried the ball for Nicks, who looked half-awake. During Second Hand News she seemed to barely follow the tune's clip. During frequent trips to the dressing room she looked like she might fall off her high heels.

Introducing Gypsy with a nonsensical rap, Nicks suggested that San Francisco's "Summer of Love" and the Velvet Underground together inspired the song. (In reality, the two musical cultures were as far apart as the thousands of miles that separated their scenes.)

Still, Nicks' distance-and the three dresses, a half-dozen scarves, top hat and tambourine-didn't detract from a winning night of non-stop hits.

Soundstage | Live in Chicago | Crystal Visions | Greatest Hits Sales Data

Sales Data Update: For the Week Ending 04/12/09

Fleetwood Mac "Greatest Hits"
Catalog Album Sales Top 200
Position: #26 (Previous Week #22)
Sales: 3,972 (Previous Week 3,821 Increase of 4%)
Accumulated: 4,200,040

Fleetwood Mac "Greatest Hits"
Comprehensive Albums Top 200
Position: #19 (Previous Week #178)
Sales: 3,972

Stevie Nicks "Crystal Visions"
Catalog Album Sales Top 200
Position: #143 (Previous Week #117 Decrease of 7%)
Sales: 1,712 (Previous Week 1,837)
Accumulated: 273,383

Stevie Nicks "The Soundstage Sessions"
Billboard Top 200 Albums
Position #146 (Previous Week #47 Decrease of 62%)
Sales: 4,908 (Previous Week 13,052)
Accumulated: 18,038

Stevie Nicks "The Soundstage Sessions"
Comprehensive Albums Top 200
Position: #162 (Previous Week #48 Decrease of 62%)
Sales: 4,908 (Previous Week 13,052)

Stevie Nicks "The Soundstage Sessions"
Top Current Rock Albums
Position: #47 (Previous Week #15 Decrease of 62%)

Stevie Nicks "The Soundstage Sessions"
Top Album Retailer
Position: #95 (Previous Week #29 Decrease of 64%)
Sales: 2,218 (Previous Week 6,100)

Stevie Nicks "The Soundstage Sessions"
Top Internet Albums
Position: #35 (Previous Week #5 Decrease of 76%)
Sales: 770 (Previous Week 3,267)

Stevie Nicks "Live In Chicago" DVD
Top DVD Sales
Position: #2 (Previous Week #1 Decrease of 57%)
Sales: 3,372 (Previous Week 7,851)
Accumulated Sales: 11,261

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