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Stevie Nicks: The Fleetwood Mac veteran and solo star picks the music that has inspired her through her 40-year career

Stevie Nicks: Soundtrack of my life 
The Fleetwood Mac veteran and solo star picks the music that has inspired her through her 40-year career

Interview by Gareth Grundy
The Observer,
Sunday 26 June 2011

From Florence Welch to Courtney Love, Sheryl Crow to Taylor Swift, there are plenty of artists who owe a debt to Stevie Nicks (63). She began as half of Buckingham Nicks, in partnership with then boyfriend Lindsey Buckingham. They remained artistically though not romantically entwined, joining Fleetwood Mac and helping the group become synonymous with 70s rock. Last month Nicks released her first solo album in a decade, In Your Dreams. The track "Soldier's Angel" offers a clue to how she's spent her time in the interim. It was inspired by regular hospital visits to wounded American veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq, something she's done since 2004, along with raising funds for their rehabilitation. "There's no politics involved," she says. "I'm just visiting kids. I take them presents of iPods loaded up with songs, which breaks the ice. Most of them don't even know who I am, although they do by the time they leave and I've sat and held their hand. I'll keep doing it as long as there is a need."


'Rock & Roll Woman', Buffalo Springfield (1967)
Hearing this for the first time was like seeing the future. [Sings] "And she's coming, singing soft and low…" When I heard the lyrics, I thought: that's me! They probably wrote it about Janis Joplin or someone like that but I was convinced it was about me. I saw Buffalo Springfield at the Winterland Ballroom at the time, and it could not have been better. They were a very Californian band and it was the height of the Haight-Ashbury scene. My parents had moved to San Francisco in my final year of high school, so I was new and didn't know anyone. But music was everywhere, everyone was listening to the radio all the time – I was living in the middle of a music revolution.

By 1968 I was in a band with Lindsey. His family lived in the same gated community as us, and we would practise at his house. My mum and dad liked him, and everybody in the band. We practised Monday to Thursday, then played gigs on Friday and Saturday. So we were serious about it from the beginning, and my parents understood that.


Wondrous Stevie Nicks, love child of a fairy queen and a storm trooper performs Sunday London's Hyde Park

Stevie Nicks Daily Express Weekend June 25 2011

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stevie Nicks Live in Australia - November, 2011 - First 4 Dates Announced

  • Nov 19 - Melbourne (Myer Music Bowl)
  • Nov 20 - Mornington (Mornington Race Course)
  • Nov 23 - Adelaide (Entertainment Centre)
  • Nov 29 - Sydney (Entertainment Centre)

THE Twilight film New Moon has had a profound effect on rock superstar Stevie Nicks.

IT WAS just after she had seen the Twilight film New Moon while on tour in Australia. Stevie Nicks was so taken by the fated love story that she stole upstairs to her Melbourne hotel room and wrote a five-page essay about iconic love affairs.

She wrote about Bella and Edward, about Beauty and the Beast and about her own love story, between herself and her musical partner in life, Lindsey Buckingham, of Fleetwood Mac.

The similarities between their story and Bella and Edward's in New Moon were uncanny. A forbidden love. A love that cannot work, she describes it.

She went back to see the film to reflect on it again.

Meanwhile, a united Fleetwood Mac were playing sell-out shows around Australia. When they got to Brisbane, her hotel room contained a piano.

Audio Interview... Stevie Nicks from Absolute Radio UK

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Stevie Nicks Q&A: She spoke to SoundSpike about her recent illness,working with Dave Stewart & Lindsey Buckingham + Fleetwood Mac

Q & A: Stevie Nicks
Story by Christina Fuoco-Karasinski SoundSpike Contributor
Published June 24, 2011 04:11 PM

Singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks was feeling down before her recent interview with SoundSpike. She'd just bid adieu to her Chinese Crested Yorkie before heading off to England to do press and perform another show with Rod Stewart.

"[The dog is] on her way to Phoenix as we speak," Nicks said via telephone from her California home. "Much to my heartache, she can't go to England. She's staying with [a friend's] mom and dad. You can't take [dogs] into England. We're going to be gone for almost a month. It's been a horrific day of saying goodbye to her. ...It's just so lonely. It's so quiet around here."

Nicks is touring in support of her latest solo effort, "In Your Dreams," a collaboration with Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame. Prior to her visit to England, the Fleetwood Mac singer had to briefly put promotional efforts on hold, including a stop on "The Today Show," as she recovered from pneumonia.

Now that she's feeling better, Nicks is ready to promote her album, which features the single "Secret Love." She spoke to SoundSpike about her illness, working with Stewart and if there's another Fleetwood Mac reunion in the offing.

SoundSpike: So are you feeling better?

Stevie Nicks: You know what, I'm over the pneumonia, but I've definitely still got the residue of being that sick for three weeks. I was really sick. Having really bad pneumonia on the day your record comes out -- your favorite record you've ever made in your life -- really sucked. And having to cancel "The Today Show" in New York really sucked. I mean, that part of me was going, "Why are you doing this to me, God?" My mom said to me, "You know what? There's a reason. There's a reason. Maybe it's because you never take a break. Maybe the spirits were saying, 'You need a break.' So if we have to give you pneumonia and knock you down for a couple weeks, you're down." It was a hard three weeks.

Were you still ill when you performed on "Dancing with the Stars" [on May 17]?

I was still a little sick on "Dancing with the Stars."

You sounded great.

Thank you. I have been sicker than that and done concerts. That was on the end of the pneumonia. But had I had to do a bunch of songs, then it would have been a problem. Singing one song, not so hard.

Do you have plans to tour North America again soon?

I do, like more toward the end of the summer when it's even hotter. Then we're off to Australia in November. We'll do probably two months here. When you release a new record, you never really know what's coming. I would hope and love to do a few shows in Europe. I don't know whether that'll happen or not. We're leaving tomorrow to do press in Europe and to do one big, huge show in [London's] Hyde Park, 55,000 people on the 26th of June. That's exciting. My band hasn't played that big of a show since like I don't know, Peace Sunday. That's a lot of people.

You said this is your favorite record.

This is my favorite record, absolutely.

Full Q&A at

REVIEW - STEVIE NICKS: IN YOUR DREAMS (REPRISE) "Poetic, majestic, delicious" ★★★★/5

Nicks, the eccentric Fleetwood Mac vocalist, is back with her first album in a decade to prove that her strange, iconic voice is everything it ever was, even at the age of 63.

The first single from the album Secret Love was originally written in 1976 for Mac’s masterpiece Rumours.

Put together with new songs such as the one she was inspired to write when a group of British soldiers were killed in Iraq, it forms a real thing of beauty. Poetic, majestic, delicious.

By Simon Gage

EURYTHMICS co-founder Dave Stewart must be one of the hardest-working rockers in the business.

With half the new Stevie Nicks album bearing his name and a new Joss Stone offering coming later this month you cannot help but wonder how he found time to round up the talent and lay down the tracks for this new project.

Including songs he wrote with Bob Dylan and collaborations with Stone and Nicks and Martina McBride, it’s a high-quality, bluesy, American-flavoured affair with Dave himself sounding like the veteran music man he really is.

By Simon Gage

STEVIE NICKS In Your Dreams (Reprise) ★★★★✩ "In Stevie's world, it's always Avalon or Camelot, fair maids and dashing knights"

CD'S Of The Week 
London Evening Standard

STEVIE NICKS In Your Dreams (Reprise)
The pop world goes through its phases but it's good to find that Miss Nicks stays resolutely the same. In Your Dreams has on its cover a photograph of Stevie in flowing skirt leading a pure white horse through a forest, the sun flaring behind them. In Stevie's world, it's always Avalon or Camelot, fair maids and dashing knights. The soft rock is still in place, this time masterminded by our very own Dave Stewart. But what has always set Stevie apart continues to do so: that sexy, sassy voice is never drowned in a flood of cheap, hippy sentiment. Thus, songs such as Wide Sargasso Sea, Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream), Secret Love and the title track are borne along on undercurrents of sex and memories of wild times.

BBC Radio 4 with Kirsty Lang - Re-listen to her interview with Stevie Nicks

Earlier today Kirsty Lang interviewed Stevie Nicks on her show Frontrow... It's available on the BBC Radio 4 site to replay... 

Singer and songwriter, Stevie Nicks, discusses the influences behind her latest solo album of new material, In Your Dreams, her collaboration with Dave Stewart and her on-going relationship with her fellow band members in Fleetwood Mac.

Good interview!  The one major point she makes during the interview was that there are 4 editors working at this very moment on the documentary surrounding the filming of the album In Your Dreams... So it's still being processed.

She speaks about Lindsey and that he likes her new album and was touched to be asked to be on it (Soldier's Angel).  She also talks about Walter Reed and what she does for the Soldiers she visits.  Speaks about her lost years to Klonopin and how pissed off she is about and looking back at what she wrote during that period of time calling it crappy and shallow... Is asked a Twitter question about whether or not she sees Christine McVie or not now that she's out of Fleetwood Mac (She doesn't really answer that one)... All in all it was brief, but good, but seemed edited as Kirsty referred to Twitter questions sent in, meaning more than the one she asked... 

Stevie Nicks interview with Kirsty Lang - Frontrow BBC Radio 4 - 22/06/2011

First NEW Lindsey Buckingham Track Due Next Week!

According to a tweet by @brianoneal just a short time ago, the first track from Lindsey's new album "Seeds We Sow" will get some sort of release through Topspin, which is a technology-focused direct-to-fan marketing, management and distribution platform.  According to their facebook page, they help artists manage their catalogs, connect with fans and generate demand for music.

Cool!  So this could be the release of the first single "In Our Own Time"...

Album Review: Steve Nicks - In Your dreams ★★★ "Her voice remains a thing of beauty -- fragile and tough"

By John Meagher
Friday June 24 2011
Irish Independent

Okay, it's not Rumours -- Fleetwood Mac's breakup masterpiece from 1977 -- but Stevie Nicks' seventh album, and first in a decade, suggests her mojo is still very much intact.

Her voice remains a thing of beauty -- fragile and tough, often in the course of the same song. And it's this quality that makes Secret Love shine. The lead single was reportedly demoed for the aforementioned Rumours, before being discarded.

Several of the songs have been co-written with Eurythmics' Dave Stewart and a handful are really quite something, including the rousing, emotive For What It's Worth.

Burn it: Secret Love; For What It's Worth

Available in Ireland Today!  itunes

Stevie Nicks initially asked Dave Stewart to produce a Fleetwood Mac Album Prior to cutting "In Your Dreams"

Dave Stewart talks new album, The Blackbird Diaries, Stevie Nicks, Joss Stone, more...

Let's talk a bit about Stevie Nicks' album, In Your Dreams. I understand she sent you a collection of poems and you turned up at her door with a guitar intent on making a record with her.

"Well, kind of, but not exactly. Actually, she asked me if I'd be interested in producing a Fleetwood Mac album, and I said, 'I don't know.' Anyway, we started talking and I sent her the chords to a song called Everybody Loves You. I said, 'What do you think about this for you, and not Fleetwood Mac?' And she sent it back to me with her singing on it, and it was great. From there, yeah, she sent me a collection of her poems and lyrics. It was this huge, thick book. At that point, I knew we had something going.

"She's a totally focused person, very devoted to her music and the song she writes. She's made this her life, and because of that she's eliminated a lot of other elements from her existence, which she acknowledges. At one point, this doctor prescribed her these drugs, and when they didn't work, he kept upping the dose and upping the dose. Basically, Stevie feels as though she lost 10 years of her life. But she's very set on reclaiming that time and making it count. She's an incredible person."

Read the full article at Musicradar

Stevie Nicks on "Loose Women" UK Chat Show Monday June 27th

Loose Women 
Monday, June 27th 12:30-1:30pm 
Actor and director David Schwimmer and singer Stevie Nicks join Kate Thornton, Lisa Maxwell, Denise Welch and Sherrie Hewson for topical debate and chat.

ITV1 (London) (Check your local listings: Show)