Wednesday, July 16, 2008

10 Shows... 3 Million Bucks Gross!

Updated numbers for Stevie Nicks' short 2008 Spring/Summer Tour....

Only 10 shows out of the 17 shows she performed from April 18th to June 29th have been reported so far. The average attendance this year at 64% is down 1% compared to last years reported numbers... and the average attendance last year of 6,545 per show is above what her numbers are showing this year of 5,864. The average ticket price last year based on 24 reported shows was $59.35. This year the average ticket price based on these 10 shows increases to $68.57. All in all, it looks pretty consistent in terms of audience size compared to 2007. And for a performer that hasn't released any new material since 2001 and only 2 solo albums of all new material since 1994, not to mention it's her second summer of promoting a Greatest Hits collection released in March, 2007 - it's not so bad.

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