Friday, February 13, 2009

Bumped into Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie
(exerpt of a much longer article)

Chris Isaak on his Interview with Stevie Nicks and Bumping in Christine McVie:

Isaak says Nicks normally gets marginalized in interviews by being asked things like, "Hey Stevie, are you really playing the Fun Festival? Do you really never 'stop thinking about tomorrow?' OK, we're out of time." But Isaak sat with Nicks for two-plus hours.

Isaak found out from Nicks' manager she visits hospitalized military vets. More than that, she has given them iPods. Isaak is impressed that unlike other celebrities, Nicks did all the legwork herself. She didn't get an assistant to do it. She didn't cut a deal with Apple.

"She got her credit card, went down to the store, and bought all the iPods. She took them home, laid them out on the kitchen table, filled them with music, and handed them to the guys. And none of this was in the press."

Well, until now.

Isaak already was familiar with the "genuine" musicians from Fleetwood Mac. When he first went to Paris years ago, he bumped into Fleetwood's Christine McVie. She asked how he liked Paris. He said he had been too busy to check it out. "She says, 'Get in the car.'

"I got in the backseat of a limo with Christine McVie. We drove all over Paris. And she'd roll down the window and say, 'That's the such-and-such cathedral.' And she just showed me all the sights."

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