Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Photos by: Robb D. Cohen


Atlprincess said...

I've only had the pleasure of seeing Fleetwood Mac live in Atlanta twice. They were absolutely riveting last night. The vocals of Stevie filled the stadium while the rhythmic bass styles of McVie accents the drum style of Mac who in turn lets Buckingham work his magic on the guitar. Together they formed an unforgettable evening of what a REAL band should sound like. They had chemistry that could be felt clear up to section 308!!

Unknown said...

We really enjoyed the concert last night as well. The chemistry between Stevie and Buckingham is so touching. Music was great. However, I did notice that Stevie didn't seem to be feeling very well last night. This was the most AMAZING concert. Buckingham LOVES the crowd and it shows!!

Anonymous said...

It was my seventh time seeing Stevie Nicks. I have never seen her less into it. The concert was very disappointing. She usually puts so much more into it.

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