Wednesday, April 01, 2009


ET was there as Stevie Nicks met enthusiastic fans at Barnes & Noble in New York's Union Square during her very first in-store appearance.

The 60-year-old multiple Grammy winner and legendary Fleetwood Mac singer greeted fans and signed copies of her latest CD, The Soundstage Sessions, as well as her new DVD, Live in Chicago.

"This is really fun for me I am enjoying it, and I'm very proud of this 1985 - 2009," Stevie says. "I have the best fans. They are very honorable and very polite. They get excited but they are really sweet and I love that. I have wonderful fans."

There has never been a shortage of Stevie Nicks look-alikes and impersonators -- both men and women -- and some of them showed up to her first-ever in-store signing. Watch the video to hear how they are inspired by the original "Gold Dust Woman."

"It's a dream come true," says one adoring fan. "I've waited over 20 years to meet her. She's just so gracious and so loving. She wants to meet all her fans. She can't often do that so this is a real treat for everybody. We've followed her for years and years, and she's just beautiful."

Nicks is once again performing with Fleetwood Mac, which earlier this month kicked off its "Unleashed" nationwide tour, the group's first tour in five years.

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