Wednesday, July 28, 2010



Twitter was active today with the following from David Wild @Wildaboutmusic (Rolling Stone Magazine Contributing Editor).

@Wildaboutmusic: "Today I am supposed to talk to Stevie Nicks, then introduce Brian Wilson tonight. For a kid from New Jersey, a very California Dream."

@Wildaboutmusic: WILD SONG OF THE DAY: "Italian Summer" by Stevie Nicks. Just one stunning song from her upcoming album."

[insert a plethora of Tweets directed at Mr. Wild regarding the above statement]

@Wildaboutmusic:"To all of Stevie's loving fans, I"m sorry you'll have to wait. And yes, it will be worth the wait."

@teribury "David can you ask Stevie if she will be performing any of her new songs next week on her mini tour? Thanks."

@Wildaboutmusic: "Yes, I will try and ask Stevie if she's performing any new material on her upcoming mini-tour."

@Wildaboutmusic:"Just spoke to the lovely Stevie, and she'd love to try a new song or two on her mini-tour for her fans, but doesn't want them on YouTube."

@Wildaboutmusic:"Look for more details in an In The Studio piece I will write soon for Rolling Stone. I'll keep you posted here when to expect that."

I kinda don't blame Stevie one bit about not wanting her new stuff on Youtube!.... Are you kidding me, fans would erupt if she gave us a preview of anything new! You know it would happen if she were to play something new...  As it is, probably 90% of her first show will show up on Youtube!  But it's all good... People are just excited!

Al Ortis, Bass player in Stevie's band who has been working with her since the late 90's and who can be found Monday nights in LA at The Joint playing in the Waddy Wachtel Band when he's not on tour - posted on his facebook page the following:

"Sittin here goin over Stevie Nicks tunes for the upcoming August tour. Mostly live stuff of the band's passed shows and new songs too. Wow Pretty killin band. Can't wait to see everyone and play some great music."

Hello?!.... New songs too?!  Okay, so are they considering adding new NEW songs?... or just new OLD songs never played before?  Al's statement isn't really clear!  In any case a shake-up in the set is definitely needed!  And whether they add tracks from older albums never played, or something brand spankin' new, it will be a welcome edition... 


Anonymous said...

How offensive. if it wasnt for us Die-hards watching her stuff on you-tube, who would her fan base be?! Im the LAST to knock her but that was kind of mean. We're paying your bills lady! p.s. i love you.

Anonymous said...

I'm still shocked Stevie knows what youtube is ... for someone who is so techno illiterate on purpose. And the only people putting the "new" stuff up online are going to be the hardcore fans anyway, who already bought the record AND bought the concert tix ... probably to ALL the shows...coz that's how Stevie fans roll. One show is never enough.

Anonymous said...

How could anyone be offended??? Have you seen YouTube lately??? If she performed a new song that hadn't been released yet, the world would have it! I imagine she wants to surprise everyone with the new music... a YouTube version would blow the surprise, and would not do credit to the songs!! Come on... be patient!

Anonymous said...

Warner Records wants to sell CDs, and is not about to let her pre-release songs, especially if they already have heard the music (which she says they have) and thinks they may have a big seller. Ka-ching! The element of surprise works best when it's actually a surprise, and at this stage in her career if she were to produce another smash record, she'd be the talk of the industry because no one was expecting it.

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