Friday, July 16, 2010


Do you have anything in the works in terms of doing sessions or production work?
"Yeah. I don’t do a lot of sessions, ‘cause I’m not real comfortable walking into a room with people that I don’t know. But I’ve done a few over the years. I have a couple of things. Mostly what I do in my off time is just write and record in my studio. Occasionally, I will step out. Like last week I had an opportunity to do something that was really fun. Dave Stewart called me up, and he’s working with Stevie Nicks. He’s doing a record with her. And over the years, I would give Stevie some music here and there. And Dave said, “She’s got a song of yours that she found and she wants to record.” And so we got together and changed a few things and made it better and went in and cut that. In the course of that, I had this other piece of music I gave her and she wrote a really great song to it. I’m really proud of it. So I did that last week. A couple of songs with them, and that was a lot of fun."

Q&A with Mike Campbell (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers) by Daniel Durchholz.
His full Q&A with Mike can be read at Play It All Night Long

Thanks to RockALittle250 for finding this Q&A

In other related news.... Dave Stewart who's producing Stevie's next album tweeted today that he's back working with Stevie on Monday the 19th.  He was on a break from recording with Nicks - spending some time in Nashville recording his own solo album.  By the sounds of it, it went really well and given that he wasn't in Nashville all that long - he seems to have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.... I guess playing and recording live in the studio shortens up the overall recording time.... Maybe that's the "new way of recording" he spoke about months ago when he first started talking about recording with Stevie...

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Robert said...

Mike Campbell, not Mick Campbell! I was confused at first. :P

But god, Mike is so great. I'm so glad they're working together again!

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