Friday, July 23, 2010


THERE'S only one singer Fleetwood Mac want as a support act on their next Australian tour – Stephanie Brownlee.

But despite having one of the world's most famous bands as fans, the 17-year-old Sunshine Coast singing prodigy isn't letting it get to her head.

''Mick Fleetwood is the best guy. He's been really supportive and says he loves my stuff, which is a nice thing to say,'' Brownlee says.

Her debut album, Keeping It Real, is set to hit the shelves today with the help of Fleetwood's former comanager of 20 years, Dennis Dunstan.

Another Noosa local, Dunstan discovered Brownlee when she was just 14 while working with her father in the local real estate industry.

''I was blown away. She has such a unique, incredible voice for her age, with such a strong timbre,'' Dunstan says.

''Mick loves her voice and has talked about getting her as a support when he tours next.''

Brownlee's album, described as modern country pop, has been a year in the making at studios in Los Angeles and Nashville.

Contributors include Tom Shapiro, a songwriter and producer for Dusty Springfield, and Liz Rose, who penned several of Taylor Swift's Grammy-winning hits.

Pop queen Miley Cyrus, another fan of Brownlee, cowrote the second single, Good Friend/Girl Friend.

All the big names and fuss aside, Brownlee says she just loves playing and is enjoying the ride. Her album launch is tonight in front of family and friends at The Noosa J.

The Courier Mail - Australia

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Dee said...

Sort of misleading. According to the quote, it sounds like she would open for Mick's blues band, not Fleetwood Mac.

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