Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BMI London Awards - Christine McVie Wins Award

The BMI London Awards took place October 5th at the Dorchester Hotel (Park Lane). Don Black, OBE (PRS) was named the BMI Icon.

The invitation-only gala recognized the UK and European songwriters and publishers of the past year’s most-played BMI songs on American radio and television.

Christine McVie was recognized for reaching a new milestone (radio spins) with the Fleetwood Mac track "Don't Stop" from Rumours.  Full list of winners.

6 Million
Christine McVie


Anonymous said...

Way to go Christine!!

Anonymous said...

I sure do wish Christine McVie would rejoin Fleetwood Mac. I wonder why she really left, the reasons she gave seem a bit weak. And as much as I love the Mac now, it still is not the same without Chris. If she doesn't want to fly, why don't they tour playing multiple dates in big cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc.), reducing their travel greatly? The fans would travel to see them all together again.

And if she joined them to record an album, it would definitely be more of a Fleetwood Mac record than Say You Will was. I mean, I liked SYW, but with Chris back the classic Mac sound would be back, and they could probably even have some hits out of it.

Anonymous said...

Christine simply doesn't want or need to do it anymore. Yes, we'd all love more than anything to see her back in the band, but the reality is that she is putting her own happiness first.

Pat said...

I think she's 70 or darn near close to it now? She's made her fortune, worked for 30-40 years, and is enjoying her retirement. I think fans find it hard to accept the fact that their musical idols eventually have to call it quits. Would be pretty awesome if she did decide to do a couple songs on the next Mac Album however!

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