Sunday, October 03, 2010

"What Up With That"

I swear to god.... One of these days the REAL Lindsey Buckingham will surprise us and be sitting there on the panel of the SNL segment "What Up With That".  Repeatedly since last season Bill Hader has portrayed Lindsey sitting in along with two other guests who are the real deal during the Keenan Thompson singfest...  For instance on last nights episode, Morgan Freeman and Ernest Borgnine were sitting there with him.  None of them are essentially given the opportunity to speak least of all Lindsey who at the end of the segment gets the "Sorry Lindsey, we had to cut your song" at the end of the skit.  If they are given a chance to say something, they are cut off by Keenan singing over them. The segment isn't particularly hilarious, it's just odd, which makes it kinda funny.  Lindsey will likely rank up there in SNL history as one of the most portrayed/parodied musicians on the show...

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