Friday, January 07, 2011


And Michelle Branch gets a first listen to the new Stevie Nicks CD.
Earlier today, Dave Stewart re-emerged on his Twitter page to proclaim that he's been away for a few days due to filming for Stevie Nicks upcoming album and documentary or in the exact words of Mr. Stewart "I've been absent 4 days of Stevie Filming er shall I say strange stuff !!!" (not sure what that means). Either he was filming, or doing some other strange stuff !! In any case...still hard at work on his project with Stevie...and that's a good thing!

Michelle Branch entered the picture today... She stated that she heard Stevie's new album...and wants it! saying it's absolutely fantastic!... Another positive! A lingering question with a lot of us regarding Michelle is when oh when are we going to hear her version of "Say You Love Me"?  The version she recorded and Stevie produced for a yet to be released country tribute album to Fleetwood Mac's Rumours?... Haven't heard a word on this other then what Michelle has put out into the ether, not even what other artists contributed to the disc.  Could be that the project is dead or on hold.

Both Michelle and Dave's exchange on Twitter along with Mr. David Wild of Rollingstone and The Huffington Post can be found in the Dave Stewart and Stevie Nicks Timeline (scroll to the bottom)

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