Wednesday, January 12, 2011


According to Amazon...

The New Release From Stevie Nicks is titled
 "In Your Dreams" 
and will hit the street May 3, 2011
 via Reprise.  

Great title by the way!!  There's also a song on the album called the same.

Finally! A date! A Title! Now we just need the album cover photo!  AND to find out what the "special announcement" tomorrow on Ellen will be! Could it be that Rod and Stevie confirm their much speculated about tour together this Spring?

Dave Stewart also tweeted today that we'll see on Ellen the first cover shot of the single he took of Stevie tomorrow...

Err... "may not be the single cover image I shot on Ellen today just found out"


Anonymous said...

I sure hope that the picture to the right is the album cover for the album: Classic, iconic Stevie of the Rhiannon era aged 35 years later since the first dark-winged flight. "Secret Love" sounds amazing! I've heard this online over the years, and it really seems like Dave Stewart really added that little something she wanted to take these songs from "demo" to "record". I can't believe she wrote another song with the title "Dreams" in it. Big shoes to fit. I think I'll like this better than Trouble in Shangri-la. How cool that there's a 10 year gap between the two exactly, although I wouldn't mind if it were released a month or two earlier to coincide with the new tour.

Sanka Sego said...

Nicks remains an artist touched by the divine. Nothing seems to stop her, even when her songs are stripped naked and spanked in public: . I never cease to be amazed by her sonic sorcery.

Anonymous said...

My kids are exactly ten years apart..Stevie certainly risked and got all with this addition.Congratulations~

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