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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Stevie Nicks offers words of advice to Emily Jaye

Emily Jaye is the frontwoman for Frentik 

What would you say is some of the best advice you’ve ever have gotten?

Just to keep doing it; try to write everyday. Actually, its funny, I just met Stevie Nicks recently, which was incredible. We had this bonding moment and it was really cool.

We played this thing in San Diego called the Sunset Sessions. She came and she spoke and I got to meet her. She said that she writes in her journal every single night, regardless of how tired she is. She has the pages open and she writes in her journal on the left and she keeps the right side blank, so that when she goes back and she reads it, she can pull things out of her journal and write lyrics on the other page. That’s really cool because I’ve had a hard time with journaling and then trying to pull lyrics out and that’s a cool way she does it. I was like; I’m going to start doing that. So I did.


Wednesday, March 09, 2011


A little more from the Sunset Sessions Feb 19th:
These were the photos taken after the album preview event... 
Here's Stevie's captured signing the Rumours album.

Friday, February 25, 2011

(PHOTO) Stevie Nicks Inside The Sunset Sessions Q&A & Meet & Greet

Not a lot to see... but man, that large photo of her on the right hand side looks vintage, awesome and one I don't think I've ever seen!

Photo from the Sunset Sessions Facebook page... More HERE

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Stevie Nicks attended the Sunset Sessions on February 19th in San Diego - a Triple A Radio Industry Event where she held a Meet and Greet with an Album Preview Session for "In Your Dreams", plus a Q&A and this interview below.

Stevie Nicks took a few minutes to chat with Robert 102.1 KPRIFM at Sunset Sessions over the weekend about the recording process for her upcoming album, and hear the story behind the Fleetwood Mac classic, "Landslide".

Stevie also sang with Vanessa Carlton during the Late Night Louge that night. These photos are from the Sunset Sessions Facebook page. You can view the full size versions here
SUNSET SESSIONS FEB 19th: Crystal Bowersox and Vanessa Carlton in one shot with Stevie

Monday, February 21, 2011


Vanessa Carlton was joined by Stevie Nicks at Sunset Sessions held at La Costa Resort and Spa on February 19, 2011. This is "Carousel" from the forthcoming record Rabbit on the Run.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

STEVIE NICKS: Sunset Sessions.... Notes From The Inside

Sunset Sessions took place over the last three days in San Diego at La Costa Resort and Spa. Stevie appeared on the last day yesterday in a two hour album listening event and Q&A taking place between 3-5pm that included previewing 8 songs from her upcoming In Your Dreams CD. Stevie arrived with Sharon Celani, Lori Nicks and her Manager Sheryl Lewis. Stevie was reported to be in a great mood the whole time... Singing along to her music, very candide during the Q&A and of course had the place laughing a few times.   

Also previewed was the "Sizzle Reel" video/photos footage mashed together with songs from the new album. It was a teaser of about 2 minutes in length showing Stevie in different settings through out the recording process - in her home studio, on the beach, with Dave Stewart etc.  This quite possibly could be the trailer that Dave Stewart was to debut this month for Stevie's move/documentary.  Stevie ended the evening sitting in and performing with Vanessa Carlton on a song called "Carousel".

A few things I've read:

First off, from everything I've been reading (and this is from legitimate fans in attendance, not just industry insiders) we are going to be blown away by this album, it sounds that good!

Songs reported to have been previewed:  A Vampire's Dream, For What Its' Worth, In Your Dreams, The Ghosts Are Gone, Soldiers Angel, Annabell Lee, Italian Summer, Cheaper Than Free video previewed.

There was some early confusion over one song in particular previewed.  It was reported late last night that "Lady From The Mountain" was a song previewed at the event and on the new album.  Which would be NEW news!  Now what I'm hearing is the Twilight song (or "A Vampire's Dream") is actually "Lady From The Mountain" - meaning the Twilight song sounds very similar to "Lady From The Mountain" melody wise... I'm still a bit confused on that one as the old demo lyrics don't fit with a Vampire theme... So what may have happened is the melody from the old demo may have been taken and transformed with new lyrics to fit the Twilight inspired theme of "A Vampire's Dream".  Make sense?

  • She will be touring for In Your Dreams after the Rod Stewart dates.
  • There was a white horse used in the "Secret Love video"... and the horse appears on the album cover.
  • The song "Soldiers Angel" has Lindsey Buckingham performing harmony and playing guitar.

Continue at the link below for other photos from the event:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

STEVIE NICKS at #Sunsetsessions.... TODAY

Saturday February 19th: 3:00-5pm Special Superstar interview, Q&A and meet-n-greet in Center Court with Stevie Nicks.

Not sure if this will be broadcast or not, or if there will be video footage... Hope so!  Maybe some kind Twitter'ers will Tweet from the event during her interview.

San Diego radio station 102.1 KPRIFM is broadcasting/video blogging from the 3 day event. The footage can be seen on their site at the link above.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Saturday February 19th: 3:00-5pm Sunset Sessions
Special Superstar interview, Q&A and meet-n-greet 
in Center Court with Stevie Nicks at Sunset Sessions in Southern California

Stevie is also expected to perform at this industry get together as well.

Sunset Sessions

You can read more about it in an earlier post here

Tuesday, February 01, 2011


- Sunset Sessions 2011 -
102.1 KPRI FM

About Sunset Sessions: It’s San Diego’s biggest music industry convention. It’ll be over 30 bands in 3 days. It’s the place where radio, music supervisors from film and tv, record companies, managers, publishers, and booking agents come together to discover the best new music of 2011. This year it’ll take place at the lovely La Costa Resort and Spa, February 17th – 19th.

Confirmed so far: Stevie Nicks, Crytsal Bowersox, Nicole Atkins, Cas Haley, KD Lang, Iron & Wine, Everest, Augustana, Black Dub, Anya Marina and many more.

We’ve scored some tickets and a 3 night stay at the La Costa Resort & Spa that we want to pass along to you. It’s the KPRi New Music Discovery. The only thing is, we want to make sure we bring Freequent Listeners who are as into music as we are.

Here’s how to win: Listen at at 9:20am and 6:20pm Monday – Friday (1/31-2/4). Solve our new music montage and you could be joining us for the Sunset Sessions!

Prize includes a pair of passes to Sunset Sessions (30-40 artist performances throughout the weekend) along with 3-night hotel accommodations at La Costa Resort and Spa.

All the entry details here

Sunset Sessions

Monday, January 31, 2011


Stevie Nicks is joining us for 
Sunset Sessions 2011!!!
According to a facebook posting by Sunset Sessions and M:M Music, Stevie has been added to the line up of performers. Friday Feb 18th looks like the likely night she will play as it's Warner Bros Late Night Lounge - but given that it's a 3 day event it could be any one of the nights.

Other Warner acts appearing: The Belle Brigade, Everest, Iron & Wine, and k.d. lang.

Michele Clark's Sunset Sessions is presented by M:M Music and Quick Clear Music with All Access. It was Broadcast by KPRI. It's an industry only event that brings together radio stations, music supervisors from film and television, record companies, artist managers, and some of the freshest new talent along with some legendary favorites. Its main purpose is to expose the tastemakers of our industry, and in particular the Triple A format, to the bright stars of tomorrow. The event is held over 3 nights.


M:M  Music Weekly Update:
"We’re now just 3 weeks away from this year’s Sunset Sessions and several acts have been added to the already stellar line up including Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Stevie Nicks; former Babys and Bad English frontman John Waite; who scored several hits as a solo artist; and the critically acclaimed Makepeace Brothers. You can see the entire line up and schedule of events at If you haven’t registered yet; you can do so on the website and join the close to 40 Triple A radio stations (as well as a few HAC PD’s); and around 50 of the top film & television music supervisors for 40 bands over 3 days; some of the most innovative panels; great food; and gorgeous surroundings.