Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Rumours The Book by Fleetwood Mac Producer Ken Caillat - Now on Facebook...Here are the details

by Ken Caillat

The Inside Story of the Fleetwood Mac album that defined an era. 
Making Rumours tells the story of that year of creating this album: the infighting, pain, spectacle and excess of a star-crossed, storm-tossed band, and how all that tumult and tragedy was distilled into the grooves of one of the greatest rock-and-roll albums of all time.

Rumours got its name from the incessant media gossip that surrounded its making, but all the gossip — past and present — has been just that: gossip. Outsiders have tried and failed to tell this story, but a true insider is telling it now for the first time. My name is Ken Caillat, and I am the album’s Grammy-winning producer. In the book, Making Rumours, I chronicle the creation of the record, giving a behind-the-scenes account of the people who experienced it: the band members and producers; their lovers and friends; their roadies and security guards; the record execs and lawyers; and everyone else who was lucky enough to be along for the ride as we made the album.

Ken Caillat has started a Facebook page for his soon to be published book and has so far posted a couple of excerpts from the introduction and Chapater 1.  Please help support this effort by heading on over to the "Rumours The Book" Facebook page and hit the "Like" button up top.  It is my understanding that the book doesn't have a publisher yet.  Maybe with some Fleetwood Mac fan community support we can bring some awareness to his project and help get the attention of a publisher to get the book published.  


Anonymous said...

I met Mr. Caillat in 1992 at a convention. A very nice, humble guy. My mother worked with his ex-wife Cathy in the 1970's and said she was divorcing him because he was a "druggie"! Well, glad he got over his problems (like the rest of the band) and has a nice wife and a talented daughter Colbie. It should be a great read. He's intelligent and articulate (also the best producer/sound engineer Fleetwood Mac ever had).

Anonymous said...

Some months ago I've bought the book "Storms" by Carol Ann Harris. She had a relation with Lindsey Buckingham that lasted more than 8 years. She belonged to the inner-circle of Fleetwood Mac and met Lindsey right after he broke up with Stevie, during the Rumours rehearsels and recordings in 1976.

She wrote a very nice book about her life with Lindsey and with the band. The book tells a true story with all ups and downs, that has verified by all bandmembers of Fleetwood Mac.

After you read this book you know a lot more details about the behind story of Rumours, her difficult life with Lindsey and her life with the band. So, now I'm very curious what more details Ken Caillat can add to the detailed book by Carol Ann Harris.

Anonymous said...

Storms by Carol Ann Harris is probably the best book i have ever read. I was expecting her to trash Stevie and it didnt happen. Ken lookng forward to your book. Carol Ann Harris-thanks for an awesome book! jeff horton-indianapolis

Anonymous said...

I loved reading Storms! It was interesting. Other websites have trashed the book but I loved it! I love the fact that Carol Ann did not sugar coat what happened, I only wish the last few chapters weren't rushed.

Anonymous said...

Ok so I just read the facebook page on his book, and the same couple women keep posting how they don't want to read a book about "gossip and dirt"
Who would want to read a book about fact after boring fact of everyday life? Went to work, came home blah, blah, blah. We all do this and none of us get books written about us!
Books need to have a storyline, if they are boring we would not read them!
I WANT to know what some of the dirt was, it made Storms an interesting read since it shed light on the tensions that made that album what it was!

Anonymous said...

Hi All, this book is about the making of the album from day 1 in the studio to the last day. You'll sit with us in the studio and watch how we made that album, through all obstacles. Carol Ann's book only really started during the last two weeks of mixing the album, because that's where she was working when we met her. I don't like calling things dirt, but you'll read about what really happened behind closed doors.

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