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Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks has hit the motherlode on her first studio disc in a decade ★★★★/5

In Your Dreams, Stevie Nicks 
The Sudbury Star 

Joke about the title all you want -- Nicks will have the last laugh. Fleetwood Mac's gold dust woman has hit the motherlode on her first studio disc in a decade. While Dave Stewart weaves lush California-rock tapestries and old bandmates/lovers pop in, Stevie works her smoky bray on crystal visions of angels, ghosts, vampires and hitting New Orleans in feathers and lace. Bewitching.

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In Your Dreams, Stevie Nicks
By Brad Wheeler
Globe and Mail - Canada

Has Stevie Nicks any dreams she’d like to sell? It would appear so. With her first album of new material in a decade, the lacewearing lady of Fleetwood Mac fame retraces steps, mostly with a ghostly grace and with a sinusled voice still instantly recognizable but softened. Six of the Dave Stewart-produced 13 songs contain “ dream” in their words or titles; past lives and lovers are the crystal visions. While the refrain to Everybody Loves You could have been sung by Lindsey Buckingham, the finger-picked For What It’s Worth gently remembers another seventies romance. The winning Secret Love is current though, finding Nicks on a “ timeless search for a love that might work.” What doesn’t work are Ghosts are Gone – half-hearted Eagles rock; is it about Don Henley?! – and the melodramatic ballad Italian Summer.

In Your Dreams, Stevie Nicks (Warner Music)
By Bernard Perusse
The Vancouver Sun
★★★1/2(out of five)

Fleetwood Mac's beloved diva has always relied on a great producer to make her often pedestrian songs spring to life. Dave Stewart, who produced her first disc in 10 years with Glen Ballard, and wrote the music to some of its strongest tracks, might be no Lindsey Buckingham, but he's been the midwife for what might, shockingly and unexpectedly, be Nicks's best album. The Cheerfully rocking title song, the soulful You May Be the One and Everybody Loves You, with its orchestral I Am the Walrus segment, are among several numbers that defy low expectations based On the rest of Nicks's solo career. And while some songs are expendable and most are simply too long, this is more consistently fun than we had any reason to expect.

STEVIE NICKS, In Your Dreams (Warner/Reprise)
Winnipeg Free Press
Jeff Monk
★★★1/2(out of five)

IT'S been 10 years since Fleetwood Mac chanteuse Stevie Nicks released a solo album, and for Anyone wondering if this wispy Californian still has anything going on musically, In Your Dreams
is solid proof to the affirmative.

Produced and mostly co-written with former Eurythmics dude Dave Stewart, the album delivers what Nicks fans have come to expect with a distinct old-school rock album feel and Nicks on top of her estimable vocal chops. Tracks like Ghosts Are Gone and the Tom Petty-esque title track are as good as anything she's ever done.

Soldier's Angel works because the lyrics are neither jingoistic nor unctuous. Moonlight (A Vampires Dream) will work for the 20-somethings investigating Nicks for the first time. You May Be the One is the diva in slow blues mode and it works splendidly. Guests include Heartbreaker Mike Campbell, Waddy Wachtel, Mick Fleetwood and Lindsey Buckingham.

The Boston Herald
Jed Gottlieb

Dig out those silky, diaphanous-sleeved dresses and Victorian lace-up boots. Nicks’ first album in a decade delivers the best mom music (and that’s no pejorative) since Fleetwood Mac. It’s missing a Tom Petty or Don Henley duet, but the classic Stevie vibe survives with help from Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, Eurythmic David A. Stewart and a gaggle of Heartbreakers.

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