Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stevie Nicks on Dancing With The Stars

Well... She finally made her first prime time appearance promoting 'In Your Dreams'!... and the first prime time performance of 'Secret Love'. Stevie looked really great, wore the boots, was rocking the wavey hair she's been sporting lately and it looked like she was wearing a new skirt on the outfit... It was nice.  She sounds like she still has some residual of the flu and pneumonia that she caught on the day her new album was released (May 3rd). But I think she pulled it off! Plus given it was LIVE I'm sure she was a little nervous knowing the size of the Dancing With The Stars TV audience.  Vocally on 'Secret Love' you could hear a bit of a rasp in her voice and she may have been slightly out of tune in places... But like I said given that she's only just getting over the flu and pneumonia where she had to cancel shows and other appearances on the east coast - I think she did really well.

Landslide sounded much better vocally. The song was cut down for the show but still sounded like the great Landslide!

It seems it doesn't matter what TV show any of these live performers play on, it never really sounds right. Even on the award shows where there are a lot of live performances, you would think it would be perfect, but it isn't... there's just something missing... I'm sure it's the way it's mixed.


Tony said...

I saw her in Indio, CA last Friday and she sounded great. I felt awful for her tonight. Secret Love was really really rough. She looked amazing--so beautiful. I wish she had picked a more appropriate dress for the show--what she wore on Ellen was perfect. Her gown in Secret Love would have been great for this venue.
As rough as Secret was, Landslide was the complete opposite!! She nailed it perfectly. So soft and beautifully
sung. Gorgeous.
Unfortunately, she probably sold a lot more copies of 70's Fleetwood Mac CDs tonight, than copies of IYD.

Anonymous said...

I thought she sounded rough of both songs. But since most of the TV audience didn't know "Secret Love", it probably came off better. The live crowd gave her a standing ovation both times she sang, which was great. And both hosts paid her compliments, which also was nice.

She did look great, the new layered skirt looks so much better than that horrible petticoat skirt she's been wearing the last few years. I hope she continues to wear the new one. And yes it would have looked better in a color, instead of black, but then that's Stevie.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Secret Love sounded out of tune and rough in places. The bad thing is most people don't know that she is recovering from pneumonia. She did sound much better on Landslide though. I love the new album but I have not heard any songs being played on the radio stations in my hometown. Get with it people!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for any "new" viewer of Stevie, I don't think she won over any new fans. Secret Love was pretty out of tune in places. Landslide was considerably better, but by that time people already made up their mind about her. Too bad.

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