Friday, May 13, 2011

Stevie Nicks on Dancing With The Stars Tuesday May 17th

Despite online reports, Stevie Nicks' rep tells ABC News Radio that the legendary singer will not be performing on the finale of American Idol. She will, however, be performing on this Tuesday's Dancing with the Stars.


Anonymous said...

She better not be performing Secret Love or everyone will go to the restroom. She should perform Italian Summer.

Shaheen Miro said...

I know I totally agree. She need to perform a new song! I love them all and I love secret love... but it would be nice for her to give everyone a taste of whats on this album

Anonymous said...

Q: "Welcome to Dining with the Stars, may I take your order?"

A: "Yes. Italian Summer salad, light on the cheese".

Q: "Okay, one Italian Summer... anything else for you today?"

A: "No, that will be perfect, thank you."

Anonymous said...

Kids, get ready to hear A LOT of Secret Love on these TV appearances. And she needs to lose those highly calculated hand gestures. Where has impromptu Stevie gone?

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