Monday, May 23, 2011

An Overview Of Stevie Nicks’ Seven Albums by Jeremy Gloff....

Check out Jeremy's stroll through Stevie's discography from Bella Donna to In Your Dreams. Really great read!  Thanks for the mention Jeremy!

Cynical And Southern: An Overview Of Stevie Nicks’ Seven Albums
by: Jeremy Gloff

Forget the tales of cocaine binges and Klonopin addiction. Forget the stale tales of rock ‘n’ roll excess and debauchery. Hard as it might be, also forget the played-out stories of high profile love affairs and even higher profile break-ups. Beyond the myths and legends, Stevie Nicks’ songs are a modern-day portal into the aching and longing heart. Stevie wrings melodies out of emotions and memories that might otherwise be hard to explain.

After her 2001 album Trouble In Shangri-la, Stevie Nicks stated that she would not do another solo album. For fans like me the impact of this statement went far beyond a mere lack of new music. When Stevie Nicks released a new album it always miraculously defined my life at the time. A world without new Stevie Nicks’ music was my future without a constant and accurate voice. In the last ten years, I’ve continued to grow and relate to fewer and fewer of Stevie’s songs, as much as I loved them at the time they debuted.

When Stevie Nicks announced last year she was indeed working on a new solo album with Dave Stewart, I was immediately elated. There would be new music for new times in my life by one of the few people who always seemed to hit the nail on the head, even though she’s never met me.

Now to track some ghosts through the fog: CONTINUE


MelomanĂ­aco said...

This album is amazing. I love Stevie Nicks

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Jeremy Gloff, his exuberant personality, his sincerity, his intelligent, heartfelt and passionate analyses ....on here, his blog and Amazon video (he's cute)... Jeremy - you do yourself and Stevie favorite right now is ITALIAN SUMMER - i'm playing it for everyone i can - EVERYONE who actually hears it LOVES IT...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy sweetheart... How have you been, dear Capricorn?

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