Friday, June 24, 2011

BBC Radio 4 with Kirsty Lang - Re-listen to her interview with Stevie Nicks

Earlier today Kirsty Lang interviewed Stevie Nicks on her show Frontrow... It's available on the BBC Radio 4 site to replay... 

Singer and songwriter, Stevie Nicks, discusses the influences behind her latest solo album of new material, In Your Dreams, her collaboration with Dave Stewart and her on-going relationship with her fellow band members in Fleetwood Mac.

Good interview!  The one major point she makes during the interview was that there are 4 editors working at this very moment on the documentary surrounding the filming of the album In Your Dreams... So it's still being processed.

She speaks about Lindsey and that he likes her new album and was touched to be asked to be on it (Soldier's Angel).  She also talks about Walter Reed and what she does for the Soldiers she visits.  Speaks about her lost years to Klonopin and how pissed off she is about and looking back at what she wrote during that period of time calling it crappy and shallow... Is asked a Twitter question about whether or not she sees Christine McVie or not now that she's out of Fleetwood Mac (She doesn't really answer that one)... All in all it was brief, but good, but seemed edited as Kirsty referred to Twitter questions sent in, meaning more than the one she asked... 

Stevie Nicks interview with Kirsty Lang - Frontrow BBC Radio 4 - 22/06/2011

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