Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Secret Love" Current Stevie Nicks Single in the UK Remains on BBC A-List

For the 4th week in a row, commencing July 2nd Stevie's current single in the UK "Secret Love" remains on the A-List on BBC Radio 2 guaranteeing up to 20 plays for the week across multiple BBC Radio 2 programmes.  Great news for the track!

The song was initially added to the B-List commencing June 4th and jumped to the A-List the following week commencing June 11th where it has remained.  The B-List guarantees approx. 10 plays per week, the A-List about 20 plays per week.

B-List - June 04-10
A-List - June 11-17
A-List - June 18-24
A-List - June 25-July 01
A-List - July 01-08
Stevie's album "In Your Dreams" was released in the UK on Monday June 27th, and in Ireland June 24th.  On the Mid-week sales charts up to Wednesday in the UK, the album is currently in the Top 10.  The official charts will be published on Sunday...

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Maury said...

Yay! Radio airplay is the single most important element to "breaking a record." In other news...ticket prices for the North American IYD tour are one hundred dollars a piece too much. Boycott greedy concert promoters!

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