Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Photos: Stevie Nicks Live at The Wiltern Los Angeles May 26, 2011

Let's go back a few weeks to one of the greatest nights!

Stevie Nicks Live at The Wiltern - May 26, 2011
Photos/video by: Ed Hanke
(Thanks for the link Ed!)
See Eds full gallery of shots on Facebook

And check out his videos from that night... Being in the pit it couldn't have been easy keeping a steady hand, but he did really well.  Great capture... Hope she plays this and many more on tour this summer.


Ed Hanke said...

What an honor to be featured here! Thanks so much. Ed

Anonymous said...

So Stevie has been touring pretty much the past 10 years without a solo album to promote.
She said it was better money to tour because people just burn new albums off their ITunes and give to friends, or they Limewire/frostwire it for free.
So now she releases "In your Dreams" which got her the best reviews she's gotten since "Bella Donna." And now she says the album isn't selling enough for promoters to justify a tour? HUH? SAY WHAT?
She goes on Oprah and Ellen and "Dancing with the stars" and that's it. No Letterman. No Leno. No Conan.
The first single stalled at #20 and even though there are videos already filmed and edited, no second single has been released.
The album entered at #6 on Billboard and in 6 weeks the album dropped out of the top 50.
Wait a minute. First Stevie says she didn't care how many copies the album sold. That she just wanted to tour for it.
Now she is saying it isn't selling enough to tour behind it?
Instead she basically "opened" for Rod Stewart with a 70 minute short set.
Then she played Fantasy Springs casino near Palm Springs charging an average of $100.00 per ticket, which I attended, and played the same 70 minute set, only performing "Secret Love" from the new album.
Same thing in Vegas.
The only live show she has done performing a bunch of new songs was at the Wiltern in Los Angeles on her birthday.
Now Dave Stewart is asking fans to start a Twitter campaign to get her to tour?
I never thought I would say this, but Stevie is starting to sound like she is all about the money.
She's even made comments about her wealth and other unflattering comments in various interviews lately.
Stevie didn't record a new album for 10 years because of the internet cutting sales. She's said it time and time again.
Well, perhaps if she was already on the road TOURING, appearing on all the talk shows, and what not, the album would, after getting off to a great first week in sales, be charting a lot better than it has. "Trouble in Shangri La" was awarded gold it's first 6 weeks of release.
"In your dreams" has barely sold over 100,000 copies after it's 6th week and looks to be her first solo album that won't be awarded gold status.
She already announced she was going to tour with Fleetwood Mac next year.
So why not this new album?
Could it be because the economy is bad right now and she'd rather play bigger venues instead of sucking it up and playing smaller sheds for less money?
She even made the comment that she is going to tour Australia because she could "sell out in big venues" with or without a new album, yet she is ignoring her hard core fan base right here in the U.S.A.??
Sorry Dave Stewart, but I am not going to "Twitter" a video plea to convince Stevie to tour. I have been to every tour since 1986 and Stevie has never made it so clear how it's all about the money. It used to be all about the fans.
You would think Stevie would LOVE to be out there promoting this new album, even if it meant down-sizing to smaller venues.
Yes, music sales are very very low these days thanks to digital bootlegging and what not.
But Stevie sure isn't helping matters by not plugging the album on all these late night shows that would gladly have her on.
And not touring the United States because of not wanting to play smaller venues is really UNCOOL!
That's my two cents.

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