Friday, June 03, 2011

Fleetwood's on Front Street... Mick Fleetwood's Restaurant on Maui

The work continues on the refurbish of the building that will eventually house Mick's new restaurant on Maui.  The Roof is being completely redone and according to Fleetwood's on Front Street Facebook page, a design team from Bitton Design Group is in place to craft Mick's ideas for the restaurant.  Stages will be located on both the rooftop and on the second level with the second level having a full set of Mick's drums setup for whenever Mick drops in.  The restaurant is looking to open sometime after September, 2011 although no specific date has been given.

Exciting stuff!!

Check out the Fleetwood's on Front Street website and Register online for special offers and the most updated news about Fleetwood's on Front Street. Mahalo!  HERE

You can also find Fleetwood's on Front Street on Facebook HERE


Anonymous said...

Stevie used to introduce him as the hardest-working man in show business. His ambition and drive, and love of fame and money have worked for him, apparently! I got to meet him again at Stevie's Wiltern show. he's always so humble and kind. I think it's inspiring, and I would love to visit Fleetwood's On Front Street one day.

Robert said...

Uh, he's a complete money whore and always has been. He's a lot of fun, though!

Front St is probably the best place to shop in all of Maui. Lots of little shops in an odd, New-England-y sort of setting. I've been there twice before, and now I definitely have a reason to go back!

Sara said...

Well absolutely he's got money out the ass, but he's finally doing what he's always dreamed of. As a young boy he had a little "bar" where he'd serve the neighborhood kids soda and such, he's always been interested in the restaurant business. In my book, if he can earn his money honestly, he deserves it.

katsinmaui said...

Awesome....would love to work for you KATSINMAUI

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