Thursday, July 07, 2011

Absolute Classic Rock Radio Special Featuring Stevie Nicks July 17th

Good News - Absolute Classic Rock's DJ Leona Graham interviewed Stevie Nicks during Hard Rock Calling in London a few weeks ago. The interview with Stevie will become a full on air special on Sunday 17th July at 7pm. Leona is hoping this will include some live tracks from her Hard Rock Calling set too - she's just awaiting clearance from Stevie's Management. The show will include playing new tracks from 'In Your Dreams' which is great! This all sounds like an expansion on her very popular interview with Stevie that's on the Absolute Classic Rock's website. To listen to the interview Click Here.

Hopefully Stevie's Management allows some live tracks to be played... would be awesome to hear some of her show other then what's been on youtube... The sound will likely be superior.

Absolute Classic Rock's website can be found here, and you can listen live any time... internationally.

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