Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stevie Nicks 'In Your Dreams' Week 10 Billboard Charts

In it's 10th week of release in North America, Stevie's new album 'In Your Dreams' remains on the Billboard Top 200 Albums Sales Chart holding down the # 167 spot for a second week.  On the Top 200 Current Albums Chart the album moves up one spot to # 141.  On the Top Rock Albums Chart the disc also moves up this week to # 41 from # 44 last week.  

Fleetwood Mac on the other hand have completely dropped off all the Billboard charts they were charting on last week including the Top 200 and Catalogue.

Charts are published in the July 23rd issue of Billboard Magazine. 

Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart
(Last weeks position in parenthesis)
# 167 (167) Stevie Nicks In Your Dreams

Billboard Top 200 Current Albums
# 141 (142) Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams

Billboard Top Rock Albums Chart
# 41 ( 44) Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams

In Your Dreams Sales Thus Far:
Wk 1 : #     6 - 5/21/11 - 52,418 Debut
Wk  2: #   16 - 5/28/11 - 20,400 Accumulated total = 72,818
Wk  3: #   24 - 6/04/11 - 15,500 Accumulated total = 88,318
Wk  4: #   47 - 6/11/11 - 9,933 Accumulated total = 98,251
Wk  5: #   59 - 6/18/11 - 7,470 Accumulated total = 105,721
Wk  6: #   87 - 6/25/11 - 5,547 Accumulated total = 111,268
Wk  7: # 108 - 7/02/11 - 5,585 Accumulated total = 116,853
Wk  8: # 155 - 7/09/11 - 3,813 Accumulated total = 120,666
Wk  9: # 167 - 7/16/11 -
Wk10: # 167 - 7/23/11 -


Anonymous said...

The record company needs to "re-release" the cd and spend some money to promote it. It equals Bella Donna in quality. The two can't be compared in terms of songs, because Bella Donna had such an alt-country, So-Cal sound and IS definitive Stevie Nicks. In Your Dreams is equal in quality, but just a more current sound. This record has so much of the same soul that has made Bella Donna so enduring. It is so obvious that Stevie and Dave gave ALL during the recording of this record. I haven't stopped listening to In Your Dreams since it came out 10 weeks ago!

Anonymous said...

Everything Stevie touched between 1975 - 81 was magic.

The magic showed signs of fading on Mirage, Wild Heart & Rock A Little...but it still sustained itself.

By Tango and Mirror, the magic was only half there, and by TimeSpace it was gone. Since that time, she's had definite flashes of brilliance, but nothing that compared to the early years.

In Your Dreams is the first solid CD of new material she's released since the 1980s. The fact she went almost 2 decades without a solid release (Dance not included because it was a Greatest Hits set list) makes it virtually impossible at 63 to have a smash hit album.

Most fans agree it's an amazing collection of songs. 10 or 20 years from now I'm not going to be thinking about how many copies of IYD's Stevie sold. I'm going to be listening it to it and thankful she recorded a spectacular CD in the later stages of her career. A career that has and will last longer than the average singer/songwriter.

In the end, it's all about the music she leaves behind.

Anonymous said...

^^ Great comments and I couldn't agree more!

Anonymous said...

Warner Bros. is totally responsible for the commerically sad sales of "In Your Dreams", so don't expect any brilliant decisions from them. Stevie finished the album last December and her management and record company had plenty of time to plan the release promotion. And what did we get, the first single released in Feb. with absolutely no promotion at all. Then a video three months later, then TV appearances. How completely idiotic of them to not coordinate it all better.

They have had no idea how to market Stevie of Fleetwood Mac for many, many years now. They just got very lucky with "The Dance" when MTV & VH1 picked up "Silver Springs" and propelled the CD into large sales. Otherwise they have messed up every other release.

Jay said...

I don't think we should take these low sales numbers personally (as fans). First of all, when you consider that Street Angel was #45 with 38,000 in sales compared with IYD #6 with 52,000 then you should see that the record industry as a whole is suffering across the board. Consider this as well: Dolly Parton (another solo female music legend) debuted at #51 and is now already down to #88 on week two and Aretha Franklin's latest debuted at #54 earlier this year. Stevie's not doing so bad!!! (Even Eddie Vedder was down to #53 on week five!)

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