Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Concert Review: Lindsey Buckingham reaps benefit of ‘Seeds We Sow’ at the Depot

There was a telling moment near the end of Lindsey Buckingham’s set Tuesday night at the Depot.

“We make a lot of noise for a four-piece,” Buckingham glowingly said during band introductions. “We’re really rocking up here.”

Buckingham and his band were in the final stretch of a three-song suite from the Fleetwood Mac guitarist’s brand new solo album -- “Seeds We Sow,” released last week -- and as is often the case when presented with fresh material in a live setting, the crowd was sitting down, simply taking in the performance. But when Buckingham launched into the guitar solo of the tune, “That’s the Way That Love Goes,” audience members immediately stood as one despite their obvious unfamiliarity with the piece.

It was a fittingly unforced show of appreciation for Buckingham’s undeniable guitar majesty.

Buckingham is one of those rare players that must be seen live to truly appreciate what he is accomplishing on guitar. On record, one may never be quite sure how many backing tracks and overdubs are in play, but watching Buckingham in concert, you can’t escape the shake-your-head wonder of realizing just how much sound he is squeezing out of one instrument. And there was plenty of opportunity to experience that sensation Tuesday as Buckingham opened the show by himself with five acoustic songs before he was joined by the rest of his band.

“I’m looking for the lady who made everybody sit down,” Buckingham said between songs, playfully scanning the audience with one hand across his forehead to dim the glare of the spotlights. “Sorry, but that really bummed me out

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by Doug Fox
Photos by JAMES ROH

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Good for him I cant stand those sit downers at rock concerts!

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