Sunday, May 06, 2012

Lindsey Buckingham plays to packed Coach House in San Juan Capistrano

Lindsey Buckingham Live at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA - May 5, 2012
setlist provided by Mark Pickard
A few changes! Lindsey brought back the leather jacket for this show... and dropped "Dancing" from the setlist at the last minute without a replacement.  

Dancing's actually a really beautiful song lyrically, and can be interpreted in a plethora of ways if you think about it in terms of the history of Lindsey and Stevie's relationship... I'm not sure what to make of it. It's a little underwhelming given his guitar picking talent... Sounds like a song that might close out a future album if he ever records it.  But a new song nonetheless and you have to give him credit for throwing out a curve ball.  Plus since he's carrying the show alone, the fingers likely need a rest period midway.

With "Dancing" dropped from the set, and who knows if it will resurface, we are lucky to have the song on film, captured Friday night at The Wiltern (video below). One less track in the set leaves 13 tunes.  It's looking a little slim!  Lindsey needs to throw in another Seeds We Sow album track given he's only playing the title track from the new album.  A couple of suggestions and personal favourites of mine from Seeds would be Rock Away Blind, or Gone Too Far!  Or from Gift of Screws how about Bel Air Rain? Or surprise us all and go deep and pull out something obscure from Tusk, but not Tusk!  There's a lot to choose from!

Photos by Majestic Ent. @majesticentinc 
Said it was the best of the 3 shows so far this tour!

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"Dancing" - The Wiltern


Anonymous said...

just woke up to this!! so happy this person recorded it and we have it now. it's pretty but very very slow, and i would say emphasis is on the message.

i completely agree with all your top choices for a replacement song - although i'd love ALL of them! but Rock Away Blind NEEDS to come in that set. and Gone Too Far would be my second choice too.

Not to mention he needs to play Down On Rodeo as a part of the encore as he originally intended!!

Anonymous said...

Your song suggestions were spot on, including anything from Tusk - except Tusk! Rock Away Blind And Rodeo would make the set list pretty much perfect though.

Anonymous said...

I find Buckingham boring solo. Really tired of the stripped down version of "Big Love" as I never heard it played live the way it was recorded--as a rock song..cause he left the band after "Tango" released. Maybe I am biased as I hate men that beat women up. Who knows.

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