Saturday, June 30, 2012

NEW Stevie Nicks Merchandise.... PLUS Final Bow Photo - Jones Beach

New Merchandise!
A lot of you are interested in seeing what's new in merchandise this year... Well this kinda sums it up.  Some pretty unique looking items up for grabs... You have a choice between nine T-shirts, black Hoodies, Hats, Magnets plus the In Your Dreams CD.  I particularly like the shirts with a picture of Stevie's own drawing on the front and the one with her and the owl.

Get ready to spend!

Final Bow at Jones Beach
Noticeably absent from the band this year is Lenny Castro, so no percussion player!  Noticeably added to Stevie's band this year is Brett Tuggle (next to Waddy) taking the place of also noticeably absent Ricky Peterson who played Keyboards and has been with Stevie on her last few tours.  Brett was last seen backing up Lindsey in 2011 on his Seeds We Sow Tour... and when not on tour joins Waddy at The Joint in L.A. for some live gigs. Not shown is Al Ortiz... I'm assuming he's standing next to Darrell Smith on the far left.

The Band
Waddy Wachtel - Lead Guitar, Musical Director
Darrell Smith - Piano
Brett Tuggle - Keyboards, Guitar
Carlos Rios - Guitar
Al Ortiz - Bass
Jimmy Paxson - Drums
Lori Nicks - Background Vocals
Sharon Celani - Background Vocals
Steve Real - Vocal Coach

Photo credit: @SteviesSara


Anonymous said...

Ah, wish I was there. And for some reason, this pic makes me want a group hug with Sharona & Loretta! Awesome

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued!

What are the images on the t-shirts labeled E and F?

Anonymous said...

A Bella Donna shirt WITH lyrics...thank you Stevie

Sandra said...

Thank you so much for posting - couldn't wait to get ANY info about opening night - does anyone know the set list?

Anonymous said...

Click the home button and scroll down for the setlist

Anonymous said...

I was there and the show was great as always. Stevie was a little under the weather. but she was outstanding!!

Anonymous said...

Sharon and Lori are looking more like they are going to work in an office or a bank rather than sing rock n roll for thousands of people. Who decided that was their attire? I hope they hip it up a little better. When I showed this pic to my adult kids, they snickered, "maybe they are trying to make Stevie look better!' no!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the way Sharon and Lori are dressed! Very classy.

Anonymous said...

I just realized Steve Real appears about the same height as Stevie (or shorter?) but who cares. Two big voices and big hearts on the same stage!

Anonymous said...

Stevie looks so sad! She was crying at the end of the show. Love her.

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