Thursday, June 14, 2012

Photos: Stevie Nicks Presents Bette Midler with Lifetime Achievement Award

Stevie Nicks presented Bette Midler with the Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award tonight in New York City

During the Songwriters Hall Of Fame Ceremony.  She also performed Bette Midler's "The Rose"

Stevie said during her about Bette:
"Bette takes these songs and sings them like she wrote them" 

Here are some twitter pics of Stevie on stage.  Prior to her giving Bette her award:
Photos by: Songhall, Rich Russo and Dylan Jones on Twitter

Valerie Simpson and Stevie Nicks
Jim Steinman, Stevie Nicks, and BMI President and CEO Del Bryant 


Anonymous said...

Stevie takes a great picture. However, she does look uncomfortable being alone on the red carpet. I don't think she enjoys it. She is much more relaxed when someone is there with her. In my opinion she puts on the glasses to hide the nerves, since her eyes are so expressive. I could be wrong but just an observation. Either way, she is really cute.

Anonymous said...

This is so backwards, Stevie even says that Bette Midler doesn't even write her songs. Bette should be presenting Stevie with a songwriting award, afte all she has written over a dozen very famous songs and a hundred more.

Anonymous said...

I think it's so interesting that Stevie and Bette are friends. I'd love to know what they chat about when they're alone together. I could NEVER see them touring together! lol

Stevie desperately needs a stylist. She's dressed like she's wearing something from her new clothing line at Walmart. It's only accentuated when she's standing next to the CEO in the tux. Did she not realize she was presenting an award that night?

Anonymous said...

Yes it is so true, Stevie once the most glamorous woman on earth is in great need of a stylist. Perhaps old age has altered her perceptions of how she looks, but with a little help she could still look so much better. She is still beautiful and to think how she would look dressed better boggles the mind.

Anonymous said...

You guys are so critical. Stevie even looks WAY better than Bette.

Anonymous said...

Stevie's beautiful face looks WAY better than Bette's, but she definitely needs a wardrobe makeover.

There are PLENTY of designers besides M. Kent (Marchesa, Marc Jacobs, Jill Sander, and on and on) whose fantastic pieces would flatter her body. In black? Check. Stylish? Check-yes. High end? Check--and Stevie can afford a $5,000.00 dress no problem.

Karen! At the very least, please talk the girl on a stroll through Bergdorfs!

Anonymous said...

Oh no!
Stevie's going bald!!!!!!

Don't mean it, so sorry, so very sorry, just a little joke. And ya know what Bette said about people who can't take a joke.

SN looks nice. Legs, hmm, not a flattering look for her. 64, kids. For that, she looks very nice.

Anonymous said...

She does look nice, but those leggings?
We all go bald eventually-not funny.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Stevie really wanted to put that arm around Jim Steinman

Anonymous said...

^^ We DO?? all go bald? Oh, no! Wait til my mother hears about that.
It's the worst news I've heard since I haven't heard that the IYD documentary is available, yet.
I bet she's working her heart out rehearsing for Jones Beach at this very second, she's such a pro, in that regard. In every regard, really- good will to other performers, tours every year, puts her heart into what she does.


Anonymous said...

^^Yes. As an internist, I see it everyday. We all lose and/or have follicles miniaturize as part of the aging process. It is natural, after all. Stevie Nicks looks wonderful for sixty four. Very excited to see the show at Jones Beach.

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