Thursday, June 07, 2012

Press Release: “Rythym of A Rose” Art Exhibition by Mick Fleetwood

“Rythym of A Rose” Art Exhibition by Mick Fleetwood.

MOUCHE GALLERY Beverly Hills Grand Opening 

Opening Champagne Reception for the Artist:
June 18th-6-8PM

June 18th-25th Exclusively at Mouche Gallery

Mouche Gallery
340 N Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA, 90210

Few individuals rise to the incredible atmospheric status of international celebrity. Through incomparable talent in artistic, political, literary, scientific, and athletic endeavors, it seems that these people are truly “gifted”. We have found that many of the world’s great public figures are also exquisite fine artists. After searching for the treasure, we have assembled a stunning collection of works of art at Mouche Gallery from these celebrities and public figures. Some have achieved broad recognition among art critics. Many remain unknown, awaiting discovery. All are remarkable and extraordinary. There has never been a presentation that has featured these significant works of art… until now.

On June 18th Mouche Gallery spotlights one of these legendary artists, Mick Fleetwood, and invites you to take a closer look of the beauty surrounding us, making the overlooked visible, giving breath to the life of a rose. As the drummer and co-founder of the iconic band Fleetwood Mac, he has sold over 100 million records worldwide and is an inductee of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Mick has traveled the world observing our planet from a very unique point of view.  “The world of nature is something I have always been passionate about and it has been a huge inspiration for my photographs. The camera lens is like a magic window that transports me into a secret world. In that world I observe shapes and details that I might not generally see even though the subjects are right before my eyes. I am fascinated by the intricate structure and design found in nature, and through my photography I hope to unveil this invisible world that sometimes goes unnoticed.”  -Mick Fleetwood


Ten percent of proceeds from this event will be donated to Music Unites, a non-profit organization, dedicated to bringing music education to underprivileged children in underfunded inner city school systems. Music Unites goal is to connect people through the universality of music by providing communities with opportunities for a rich musical experience. This is achieved through education programs and by offering established and emerging musicians performance opportunities in a variety of venues and locations, including schools where they act as mentors to the students.  “Supporting music education is key especially now with the influx of recent budget cuts. We feel honored to be part of this special gallery celebrating the rich experience of uniting music and art created by one of the most iconic musicians of all time, Mick Fleetwood,” says Michelle Edgar, Founder of Music Unites.

Mouche Gallery, Maestro (Owner) Keiko Noah, has one clear mission – to celebrate the extraordinary talent, vision, leadership and philanthropy of artists’, with the goal of inspiring you to follow their lead and be authentic, be passionate, be all you can be. The Gallery features artwork by Legends such as: Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones Guitarist), Steven Tyler (Aerosmith Front Man), Slash, Jimi Hendrix, Grace Slick (Jefferson Starship), Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead) and Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac). Fine Art Photography by: Terry O’Neill, Lynn Goldsmith, Elliott Landy, Michael Joseph, Robert Knight, Neal Preston, Andee Nathanson, and Maryanne Bilham.

 * Trunk show by Bijoux by Rosalina


Anonymous said...

This celebrity-worshipping copy makes me sick. What don't we just have the peasants carve him into Mt. Rushmore?

Anonymous said...

I have met him several times, and he is an overblown self righteous, egotist. sorry. love Stevie,but Mick is always looking for another gimmick

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