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STEVIE NICKS | Fleetwood Mac | Lindsey Buckingham: One day... One post!

Two new Fleetwood Mac covers emerge in the last two days
First, Stereogum premiered Washed Out's cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Straight Back" on July 16th and earlier today, Spin premiered Tame Impala's take on Fleetwood Mac's "That's All For Everyone".  Both tracks are featured on the Tribute to Fleetwood Mac album "Just Tell Me That You Want Me" which hits stores August 14th.  Pre-order your copy on Amazon

Washed Out "Straight Back"

Tame Impala "That's All For Everyone"

Both tracks, I think, sound really great!  I'm all for spreading the Fleetwood Mac love and if these artists, who to some are familiar and to others are completely unknown, can introduce Fleetwood Mac to their audience, and vice versa, then I say go for it!

STEVIE NICKS Live in Boston - July 10th
Flickr Pics by shutterbug31189

Stevie Nicks Tour 2012 Stevie Nicks Tour 2012

Goldstar has over 1/2 off tickets to the show July 27 at the Verizon Center. 
Two legends for an amazing price!  Who wouldn't!

Get your tickets at GOLDSTAR

Wow! is it just me or does it feel like Livenation is really pushing this show! If you been following along with the contests that I've posted, it just seems like the Washington date has had it's fair share (and more) of contests and ticket give-away opportunities.  In the last week alone there have been countless contests through tv stations, radio stations etc. and now with Goldstar, they've slashed ticket prices to $20.00!  Either the show isn't selling that well, or they are just trying to top up the venue.  In any case, for those on a budget, $20 bucks to see two Hall of Famers in action is a pretty spectacular deal - even if the tickets are in the rafters!  Plus it's a Friday night! I'd get in on this deal if you can and are in the Washington D.C. area.


At the other end of the spectrum.... Lindsey Buckingham is selling out venues, albeit smaller venues... but still he's moving some tickets!  So far two are reporting sell-outs. Nashville, TN (Franklin actually) and Austin, TX with other venues either close to being sold, or well on their way.  To me, it almost seems like the venues are selling better on this leg of the tour then they did on his California leg and upper east coast dates earlier this spring... I don't really know that for sure, it's just a perception.  In any case... Good for Lindsey!  He deserves it!  If you are close to one of his shows...  Check him out before Fleetwood Mac steals him away for next years tour.  Could be awhile before he's able to get back out on the road solo.  Tour dates here


Run, don't walk... and check out these photos of Stevie Nicks captured by photographer Kristen Pierson at the Mohegan Sun Arena July 12th. 17 pretty sweet pics in all!  The Gallery is located HERE
(Photo above not one of them)

Check out Stevie on the last night of her solo tour in Atlantic City July 15th ending her show with some sort of a flower headpiece.  Not sure of the story behind this... Probably picked up during her Edge Walk sweep.   Seems she picks up at least one of these on every tour... Maybe it's the same person, who knows... Serial headpiece maker, please stand up!  Photos by Hartsfelder's World on Facebook - 60 photos in the GALLERY 

Stevie Nicks sprinkles her Gold Dust over rapt audience at Borgata
by: Nicky Vallee

By her own acknowledgement, Stevie Nicks was late to the stage Sunday night. Eleven months late, to be exact. Due to vocal issues, the legendary singer and iconic front woman for classic rock royalty Fleetwood Mac was forced to cancel her August 2011 show at the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa. She certainly made up for lost time, wowing the crowd with her trademark rasp, string of hit songs, and inimitable gypsy goddess style.

“I’ve danced across the stages of the world,” she informed the audience, filled with loyal and energized fans, many of them dressed in flowing dresses and bangles. “Let’s just have fun tonight,” she encouraged. “Let’s have a really good time.”

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Ashley said...

I made the flower crown! I sell them online. A wonderful Stevie girl had bought the one Stevie is wearing in those pics from me a while back. Looks great on her!

Anna said...

I was at the Borgata show. A fan gave the headpiece to her, she wore it or a while and then gave it back

Anonymous said...

Did they change the lyrics to Straight Back? The vocals are so "washed out" I can't really tell. I did notice that they appeared to omit the "little" from "little wing". Wasn't that Stevie's reference to her favorite song by Jimi Hendrix (and maybe the song's inspiration? That's a shame.

Lissa said...

Alley what's ur website

Lissa said...

Alley what's ur website

Lissa said...

Alley what's ur website

Lissa said...

Alley what's ur website

Anonymous said...

I repeat what I said before, with each new track released from the Fleetwood Mac tribute album, I still think it is dreadful. Each artist sounds like they are all on heroin and each song offers nothing original, they all sound flat and extremely boring. Mac fans will not be impressed.

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