Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Listen to "Rhiannon" and "Don't Stop" from Fleetwood Mac's 1977 World Tour Live Disc on Rumours Re-issue

Fleetwood Mac 2013 Tour Special

You may have been listening last Sunday night when radio stations aired this Special on Fleetwood Mac.  The difference between that program (at least the one I heard) and this one, is this version of the show includes "Rhiannon" and "Don't Stop" Live from the 1977 Rumours World Tour that will be included on the live disc included with Fleetwood Mac's Rumours Expanded and Deluxe Editions being released January 29, 2013.  Both tracks sound great!!  Check out the program below... Some great interviews also with Mick, Stevie and Lindsey. You are listening courtesy of WYDR

Rumours Deluxe (4-CD, 1-DVD, 1-LP)


Amy said...

Amazing! I'd be happy to see them every yr!

Anonymous said...

But the DJ in this interview says that the version of "Don't Stop" played in this is from "The Dance" at the end of that song. I think only "Rhiannon" is from the new "Rumours" tour live CD.

Anonymous said...

No on the special that aired last Sunday night the "Dont Stop" that was used was from The Dance. This is older.

Anonymous said...

So, the angle of the 2013 tour is in the first sentence that Stevie speaks that they are all in their fifties? Nice ''new'' interview to play when she's knocking on 65, and just seconds after the 2013 tour is hyped. It's deliberately deceiving. Brilliant.

Like it! +6!

Anonymous said...

"Near Perfect Productions'' and Live Nation were credited near the end of the broadcast and Mick and Lindsey sound SO in the right place, have such good attitudes! Lindsey wants the band to keep working together for five years, not just for the tour. Mick would love it and Mick said ''we'd all be dead'' though he likes Stevie's 3 year approach. The interviews of Mick and Lindsey are definitely brand new, as is a lot of Stevie's comments- it is deliberate that she says the band is in their 50s, from an older interview, as the broadcast begins, but Mick gets it right. This live Rhiannon is groovy- some errors, the 'Don't Stop' version played is not from The Dance, no marching band/horn section and early on they credit a song from 'FMFM' to 'Rumours- so 'Near Perfect' productions did a very good job! Lindsey seems so wonderful now, and he thinks it is appropriate that the band has a vital ''third act'' and he's right, 4 or 5 years without a break from each other could create a magical third act, new music beyond the 2 songs comings, but that will depend on Stevie. Mick also sounds terrific in attitude- a true gentleman, and it's great he says that this lineup will never change. Stevie was most reserved, and though not awful about it, expressed the most reservations in her 'relationships take work' and she hopes that their (Mick John's and Lindsey's) ''heart'' is n it- 3 people do not have one heart. SN, though happy about the '2014 Tour' as the band members ''announce'' several times each, is not quite as magnanimous to Lindsey and Mick as they are to her. Imagine! 4 or 5 years of the band together. Sure, I'd like solo Stevie tours, but if the band gets recording and does have that vital third act Lindsey spoke of, we'll get maybe 2 albums and great Stevie songs that she may actually perform. 'In Your Dreams' was too hard for her, for her to keep it in the set. Lindsey, Mick and John will bring out the best in her. The very best songs of IYD never were even sung live! Though, the same is true of SN's SYW songs. She needs those men, to make her stronger and bolder on stage.

And Mick wants S&N on some songs to be on one microphone, and even do a Buckingham Nicks song- those 3 men are the best there is for Nicks now. Go out creatively strong- the men want an album, Stevie says 4 songs is enough. Mick and Lindsey and John can make both Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac enormously successful, again- Dave Stewart didn't. She needs to listen more, the clock is ticking. Lindsey and Mick are great spirits, in this program- SN, not so much. Though she's the star in the sky of the band, to me. Listen to them, SN.

I am happy for Mr. Mick Fleetwood that his pre-sale sold out- you're a gentlemen and the 'we'd all be dead' comment and you being open about being in your 60s and all your other great comments and great ideas make me an even bigger fan. Drum solo, please, dancing all wild and crazy! See you from the 99th row. No, I'll be up close again.

GREAT JOB on this radio promo to Lindsey and Mick. Great attitudes and this fan is reinvigorated. Thank You. Stevie, stop being a diva! Though you may be the one, and actually, you ARE the one who needs to be in a band, this band, again. Do an album, Stephanie Lynn. Give them 4 songs, then with the 8 they have, do backups on 3 others, you've done vocals on two already. Album could be done AS you tour! Stop sulking about 'piracy'- nobody cares. Stevie, you're there for the tour, be there for an album. Mwuh. (that was a kiss)

Anonymous said...

2013 tour, not 2014.

So, typos and ramblings, surprise!
"We're in our fifties''
I am so happy Stevie said that, it means I'm 31 again!

This is the merriest Christmas EVER!

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